Product / ServiceTHE MACALLAN
CategoryC03. Screens & Events
Idea Creation REBEL AND SOUL Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production REBEL AND SOUL Singapore, SINGAPORE
Post Production REBEL AND SOUL Singapore, SINGAPORE
Post Production 2 HELLOFUTURE.TV Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Kristy Castleton Rebel and Soul Pte Ltd CEO / Founder
Malati Singh Rebel and Soul Pte Ltd Experience Director
Sharon Lewis Rebel and Soul Pte Ltd Marketing & Strategy Director
Nur Astuti Rebel and Soul Pte Ltd Experience Manager
Waldo Zuniga Rebel and Soul Pte Ltd Graphic Designer
Natasha Shamash Rebel and Soul Pte Ltd Business Development & Partnerships Manager
Elliot Barrat Elliot James Pte Ltd Managing Director
Laura Sevin Elliot James Pte Ltd Architect / Interior Designer
Christina Voss Elliot James Pte Ltd Architect / Interior Designer
Emily Bull Managing Director / Executive
Gemma Lee Freelance Director
Pablo Jeffress Creative Director
Siobhan Dampney Executive Producer
Simon Ozolins ACS Freelance Director Of Photography - Film
Chris Bryan Freelance Underwater Cinematography - Film
Michael Price Freelance Production Designer - Film
Ali Griffiths Freelance Production Designer - Film
Simon Njoo ASE Freelance Editor - Film
Marcus Timpson Freelance Post Production - Film
Elliot Goodman The Goodman Brothers Post Production
Haydn Walker Song Zu Composer
Ben Peace Wounded Buffalo Sound Studios Sound Engineer
Andy Kennard AV Intelligence Chief Executive Officer
Jeremie Lambert AV Intelligence Product Specialist

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

How do you entice 25-40 year old non-whisky drinkers to taste whisky? Inspire them with ‘Whisky Worthy Stories’. Our 12 minute film is set in a stunning bar, a replica of which guests can have a drink in when they exit our purpose built cinema fitted with the latest scent release and sound technology. Our host, who breaks the 4th wall to engage with the audience is Erin, the Scottish Mixologist who personifies the brand. She artfully goes between insightful whisky ‘know hows’ and intriguing conversations with two Asian heroes, Marese a Filipino free diver and Dr Purev a Mongolian Eye Doctor. Each character tells their true Whisky Worthy Story. Each story is perfectly paired with a stunning whisky, which guests are guided to taste and as the narrative plays out we see that each story aligns with the brand’s ethos; bold decisions can lead to pursuing something greater.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

We invited The Macallan to action their philosophy of ‘dare to pursue something greater’ and hero true Asian stories as the face of their Scottish brand. We went on a quest for real stories that encapsulate the brand, the whisky flavours, reflect our Asian audience values. After a vast amount of story curation and copyright negotiation, we unearthed the true stories of Dr Purev and Marese Secades. Applying an Asian cast and Asian storylines to speak to an Asian market, guaranteed the stories resonated and connected with a local audience. Our film gives our audience an education about whisky, how to experience every flavour of it and featured inspiring stories the audience can identify with. Navigating an ever-challenging COVID landscape, the production team used cast and crew native to the region allowing us to support local industries and travel during a time of global lockdown.


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