Silver Spike
CategoryA02. Healthcare
Idea Creation OGILVY INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Production GOOD MORNING Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Kainaz Karmakar Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer - India
Harshad Rajadhyaksha Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer - India
Sukesh Nayak Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer - India
Fritz Gonsalves Ogilvy Group Creative Director
Jayesh Raut Ogilvy Senior Creative Director
Ashok Karkala Ogilvy Senior Creative Director
Vinay Pawaskar Ogilvy Creative Director
Ria Jatakia Ogilvy Senior Visualiser
Vanessa Dcunha Ogilvy Senior Copywriter
Roshni Mohan Ogilvy Vice President - Account Management
Rohit Shetty Ogilvy Management Supervisor - Account Management
Hitesh Rakhecha Ogilvy Account Supervisor - Account Management
Sneh Singh Ogilvy Assistant Account Executive - Account Management
Ganapathy Balagopalan Ogilvy Head of Strategic Planning
Nirav Parekh Ogilvy Vice President - Planning
Preeti Shetty Ogilvy Senior Planning Director
Afshan Shaikh Good Morning Films Film Director
Robin Dcruz Good Morning Films Producer
Siddhi Bhopale Good Morning Films Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film's protagonist is Swapna Augustine, a woman without hands who is one of India's best foot artists. The film opens on Swapna painting gracefully with the brush held in her foot. The voice narrates Swapna's thoughts. Swapna states that though she is a gifted artist, in all other aspects she's just like us. Then the film captures snippets of her daily life. We see her using her foot to make tea, apply make-up, for gardening, etc. When she's offered her favourite sweet, she reaches out to pick it with her foot but pauses and says that there's one thing that she does not forget to do - use handwash. She then washes her feet with handwash. The film ends with Swapna asking a simple yet powerful question – “If it's so easy for me to use handwash, why don't you?”

Cultural / Context information for the jury

To contain the spread of the pandemic, an abrupt and complete lockdown was enforced throughout India in March 2020. Though people took things very seriously initially, by October many had stopped taking necessary precautions like using handwash. They had been bombarded with instructions /advice to wash hands by everyone from the WHO to local brands. This created a blind spot to all communication about using handwash.