CategoryA01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Production TYO DRIVE Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masanori Tagaya GREY Tokyo VP and Executive Creative Director
Jun Ogasawara GREY Tokyo Senior Creative Director
Ryuma Kodaka GREY Tokyo Creative Director
Yoichi Inamura GREY Tokyo Associate Creative Director
Kei Takimoto GREY Tokyo Senior Art Director
Katsuhiro Fujimoto GREY Tokyo Interactive Art Director
Shota Ishikawa GREY Tokyo Art Director
Takuya Tanaka GREY Tokyo Junior Art Director
Rui Nago GREY Tokyo Executive Planning Director
Satomi Nagata GREY Tokyo Strategic Planner
Daijiro Yamakawa GREY Tokyo Agency Producer
Yoshiaki Saito GREY Tokyo Agency Producer
Sayaka Adachi GREY Tokyo Senior Account Director
Melissa Lim GREY Tokyo Account Executive
Tadashi Umazume TYO drive Film Producer
Natsuki Tsuda TYO drive Film Producer
Wataru Seki Material Inc. Executive Storyteller
Miki Onuma Material Inc. PR Director
Emi Oyama Material Inc. PR Staff
Natsuko Nagata Material Inc. PR Staff
Futoshi Takashima First Apartment Director
Jin Ito CONNECTION Cinematographer
Shuichi Kishimoto Freelance Gaffer
Etsuko Akiba Freelance Art
Wonkyeong Jang TYO drive Production Manage
Junko Okamoto Affelia Stylist
Eito Furukubo Otie Hair&Makeup
Sachi Sasaki Cutters Studios Editor
Yoshihiro Miura PPC Editor
Naotaka Takahashi L'espace Vision Colorist
Takaki Kato PPC Other Post Production Credit
Satoshi Igarashi Freelance Other DIT
Junya Terui MassiveMusic Tokyo Music
Tamon Fujimi MassiveMusic Tokyo Music

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

To the two transgender ex-job hunters featured in #PrideHair, hair is an important part of their identity, and a symbol of pride. They tell us about how they agonized over whether to job-hunt as their true selves, which for them carries an added layer of complexity and stress within the already taxing job-hunting process. The brave stories of these first-ever role models, who have successfully completed their job-hunting and thus hold just a little more life experience, have helped to inspire current job-hunters to take that first step forward through hair. Furthermore, they gave us the impetus to start thinking more deeply about issues surrounding gender and identity.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Job-hunting in Japan is a unique phenomenon, different from anywhere else in the world. Most companies hire new graduates at a specific timing every year; if a new graduate fails to get a job, they risk having to compete with the next batch of new graduates, with the added stain on their record of having failed the first time. Hence, many choose to take the safer route, by suppressing their true selves in favor of complying with uniformity in their hair, clothes, makeup, and resumes. #PrideHair is a raw interview by Pantene with two transgender ex-job-hunters, who tell us about the anxieties and fears they faced when trying to job hunt as their true selves. Their story not only shed light on the plight of sexual minorities in Japan, but also touched and inspired all those who have gone through the job-hunting process while struggling to express their true selves.


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