Product / ServiceGAMING BACKPACK
CategoryD01. Branded Content & Entertainment Film
EntrantHUMOUR ME New Delhi, INDIA
Idea Creation HUMOUR ME New Delhi, INDIA
Production HUMOUR ME New Delhi, INDIA
Post Production HUMOUR ME New Delhi, INDIA


Name Company Position
Dhruv Sachdeva Humour Me Chief Creative Officer
Clifford Afonso Humour Me Senior Creative Director
Tulika Seth Humour Me Creative Director
Vedansh Kumar Humour Me Creative Director
Prahaas Boppudi Humour Me Creative Associate
Kokila Srivastava Humour Me Creative Associate
Anmol Gupta Humour Me Creative Associate
Hritik Dubariya Humour Me Creative Associate
Heena Chugh Humour Me Creative Producer
Manoj Menon Humour Me Client Servicing Head
Dhruv Sachdeva Humour Me Founder
Clifford Afonso Humour Me Senior Creative Director
Prahaas Boppudi Humour Me Creative Associate
Vedansh Kumar Humour Me Creative Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film opens with a parody of a brand ambassador campaign, complete with extravagant claims and inflated glamour. CarryMinati sits alone in a café, trying in vain to get the attention of the beautiful women around him. Things aren’t going well – until CarryMinati pulls out a gaming backpack from under the table. The setting is instantly transformed – all the women suddenly notice CarryMinati, and clamour for his attention. This ‘advertisement’ is abruptly interrupted by CarryMinati breaking the fourth wall, launching into a roast taking apart the false promises brands make, and the extreme lengths they go to sell their product. He makes bold references to multiple well-known brands, and draws attention to the fact that at the end of the day, a product is not going to make our dreams come true – that lies in our own hands.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

CarryMinati is Asia’s #1 YouTube content creator. He is best known for his brutally honest roasts and his gaming. With this campaign, our goal was to introduce him as Arctic Fox’s brand ambassador and launch the brand’s new backpack designed exclusively for gamers. Instead of creating a typical brand ambassador launch campaign, we decided to create a campaign that was an authentic fit to CarryMinati’s YouTube personality – we conceptualised a roast. We co-opted the client and worked with CarryMinati to create an extremely bold roast that unflinchingly called out typical brand ambassador campaigns – the over-the-top claims, exaggerated glamour and inauthentic messaging. We even convinced Arctic Fox to roast itself! Discerning audiences today can sense a sale from a mile away, and aren’t easily swayed by overstated advertising campaigns. We created a concept that acknowledged this truth in a way that would surprise and delight our audience.

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