CategoryB06. Consumer Services / Business to Business
Idea Creation 17CO. LTD. Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 TYO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production MONSTER TYO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Naotatsu Nozawa Tokyu Agency Inc. Creative Director
Hayato Okitsu Tokyu Agency Inc. Integrated Planner
Reina Abe Tokyu Agency Inc. Copywriter
Satoshi Kuramochi Tokyu Agency Inc. Planner
Takashi Matsumoto Tokyu Agency Inc. Planner
Yuko Nakahara Tokyu Agency Inc. Planner
Hideyuki Ueno Tokyu Agency Inc. Account Executive
Yuya Hamamura PR Designer
Shin Sakai PR Director
Hinari Doi PR Planner
Asaho Mizuhara PR Planner
Ryo Miyakawa monopo Creative Director / Front-end engineer
Tomoki Inaguma monopo Planner / Copywriter
Yousuke Kamihigashi Sony Music Solutions Inc. Art Director
Taiki Okuyama Freelance Art Director / Designer
Tsuyoshi Shichijo TYO INC.MONSTER Producer
Junya Yazaki TYO INC.MONSTER Production Manager
Ken Komaki TYO INC.MONSTER Production Manager
Hatsune Watanabe TYO INC.MONSTER Production Manager
Ayane Matsukuma TYO INC.MONSTER Production Manager
Takuya Okamoto TYO INC.MONSTER Production Manager
YP _ YURUPPE Director
Hiroki Yamada Freelance Cinematographer
Kentaro Hirabayashi Freelance Gaffer
minase _ Freelance Photographer
Ryo Ogawa Freelance Photographer
Tomoya Kawabe Freelance Photographer
moron_non _ Freelance Photographer
eichin _ LOVEGRAPH Photographer
Yusuke Adachi DIGITAL GARDEN Inc. Colorist
Nozomi Sana C studio Editor
Saki Hiroi TYO INC.MONSTER Editor
Aoi Ota Mk.9 Hair Make
Motoki Imota Mk.9 Hair Make
Miri Wada Freelance Stylist
Hatsune Nakagomi Freelance Prop
Hatsune Nakagomi Freelance Prop
Mina Nakayama Freelance Prop

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

“Rain or shine, we go and see our customer!” It is not only denying the old Japanese sales style but it also express Japanese businessman comically and adorably who has trained their body and worked frantically. In contrast to the old sales style, the product service is presented in an abstract world that is easy to understand, and the music adds the sense that is progressive and forward-thinking. The spot expressing the efficiency of both the sales and client sides.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Traditional companies in Japan, have the conventional wisdom that the job of the salesperson is to go and meet clients and do sales in person. bellFace aims to dramatically change the work style of Japanese sales people and make it obsolete by humorously portraying a "selling means running around" in order to increase productivity. By doing so, it aims to make Japanese businessmen aware of the new normal.


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