CategoryA03. Durable Consumer Goods including Automotive
EntrantOPPO Shenzhen, CHINA
Idea Creation OPPO Shenzhen, CHINA


Name Company Position
Joseph Lau OPPO Creative Director
Lanxi Cai OPPO Creative Manager
Kevin Lee Smooth Production Director
Sui Yen Hong Smooth Production 1st AD
Iris Zhang Smooth Production Director’s Producer
Xuhui Zhao Smooth Production DOP
Pengxue Lin Smooth Production Art Director
Haoran Kang Smooth Production Editor
Yun Peng Smooth Production Executive Producer
Meijia Tong Smooth Production Executive Producer
Min Li Smooth Production Producer
Nan Gao Smooth Production Production Assistant
Hui Fang Smooth Production Casting
Ziqian Li Smooth Production Casting
Jianseng He HE Production Props
Minmin Zhu Smooth Production Stylist
Nicola Stefanovic MPC Color Grading
Xuhong Dai A-post Online
Xiaohao Li Smile Studio Sound Mixing
Musicbed & Audio Force Musicbed & Audio Force Composing

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film is a story of a young couple exploring the city one night. It’s late so all the lights are off but with the Ultra Night Video mode on the Reno4 it allows them to shoot bright and clear videos even in very low light conditions. We exaggerated this feature in that wherever the phone is pointing all the lights in that area will light up to help the video being taken. Now they can journey through the night without darkness anymore.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In China, it is an essential ‘duty’ for the guy to take great photos/videos of their girl friends because females love to share beautiful photos/videos on their social network such as WeChat and TikTok. They do it because there is an unspoken battle among females to share their most awesome moments, but shooting night under low light conditions has always been a great challenge and a condition that separates the amateur and professional photo/video takers.


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