Product / ServiceSUPERMARKET
CategoryA04. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
EntrantBMF Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation BMF Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production ALT.VFX Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production 2 ARC EDIT Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production 3 RUMBLE STUDIOS Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Alex Derwin BMF Chief Creative Officer
David Fraser BMF Creative Director
Dantie Van Der Merwe BMF Creative Director
Michael Dawson BMF Creative
Christina Aventi BMF Chief Strategy Officer
Kinga Papp BMF Group Strategy Director
Kellie Box BMF Senior Strategic Planner
Stephen McArdle BMF Chief Executive Officer
Paul Coles BMF General Manager
Aisling Colley BMF Deputy Head of Account Management
Bryan Bryant-Steeds BMF Account Director
Flora Fraser BMF Account Executive
Jenny Lee-Archer BMF Head of TV
Jess Vella BMF Agency Producer
Dave Wood BMF Director
Juliet Bishop Good Oil Films Executive Producer
Sam Long Good Oil Films Executive Producer
Andrew McLean Good Oil Films Producer
Simon Price Arc Edit Editor
Germaine McMicking Arc Edit Director Of Photography

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Whilst other retailers were price-gouging shoppers during the pandemic panic buying, ALDI lived up to its ‘Good Different’ positioning and promised to keep their prices exactly where Australians needed them – low. The film features a reporter in a helicopter questioning a woman walking home from a visit to the supermarket. ‘Precedented Prices’ made fun of the unprecedented use of the word unprecedented. The reporter is informed by the woman on the street that the prices at ALDI remain unchanged. Not only did it land ALDI as a voice of reason in the face of mass hysteria, ALDI was the first Australian brand to show how important it is to keep your sense of humour, even in the toughest times.