Short List
Product / ServiceWECHAT
CategoryI05. Cultural Insight
EntrantTENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Idea Creation TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Media Placement TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Production STINK STUDIOS Shanghai, CHINA
Post Production MASSIVE MUSIC Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Vincent Li Tencent General Manager
Akae Wang Tencent Executive Creative Director
Zita Zou Tencent Copywriter
Ivy Huang Tencent Art Director
Ken Lin Tencent Art Director
Dong Xie Tencent Art Director
Sonja Xu Tencent Assistant Art Director
Ahjan Huang Tencent Agency Producer
Yuan Hong Tencent Project Director
Yao Ma Tencent Project Director
Tao Yu Tencent Project Manager
Katherine Lee Stink Studios Executive Producer
Roy Zhang Stink Studios Digital Producer
Nando Correa Freelance Creative Director
Addie Hao Stink Studios Creative Designer
Helen Hsu Freelance 3D Artist
Chen Tzu Wang Freelance 3D Modeler
Ethan Chiu Freelance Front End Developer
Tamon Fujimi Massive Music Music Composing


The moon festival is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture, celebrating being together with family and friends. WeChat took this opportunity to create a mixed reality campaign aimed at symbolizing the strong power of Chinese culture, called “Moonments”. WeChat enabled users across the globe to connect with each other by searching for the moon in the sky using their mobile phone and then transported users to one of the Great Wall Passes, directly from their location in the real world. Within 12 hours, over 20 million WeChat users gathered on the Great Wall from across the world.

Describe the strategy

Sharing posts on WeChat Moments has been the most important daily social behavior in China’s social environment, therefore it was critical to creating a simple but creative idea which has the potential to go viral on the platform for its 1.9 billion users over 600 cities in China and even abroad. The “WeChat fission” practice brings three times the sharing capability than paid media does – meaning entire circles of friends were immersed and spontaneously shared this campaign on their WeChat moments, which also contributes to the donation of Great Wall protection.

Describe the execution

We created an intuitive and immersive design by building up 3D model of both the moon and the 10 Great Wall Passes. The transportation design - from users’ real location to the moon and then dive into the Great Wall - changed users’ POV and gave a fresh, unexpected feeling of the coming scene to welcome them. This festive event reflected WeChat’s proposition – connecting every one of the world. The whole production took around three months from creative development to final execution. This festive event allows its 1.9 billion users over 600 cities in China and even abroad to connect every one of the world.

List the results

Within 12 hours, over 20 million WeChat users gathered on the Great Wall from across the world. And the sharing on WeChat created a boost on our social spreading. Moreover, around 1,800,000 participants became a protector of the Great Wall through the experience, contributing to the Great Wall renovation program.

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

It is said the moon is the brightest and roundest during mid-autumn festival, and this is why the festival is of such importance. We may be physically far apart but we are still able to share the moon together. The Great Wall offers incredible views of the moon for thousands of miles, symbolizing both the long distance and the strong connection in Chinese culture. Therefore, WeChat used its social platform combining the festive and the Great Wall symbol to allow people to be united virtually and to select the ancient Chinese poems for their own posters, sharing with those they care about.


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