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CategoryD04. Brand / Product Video
EntrantCJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
Idea Creation CJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
Production MUM FILMS Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Chief Creative Officer
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Executive Creative Director
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Art Director
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Copywriter
Natkanate Ruengrujmethakul CJ WORX Creative Director
Natkanate Ruengrujmethakul CJ WORX Art Director
Natkanate Ruengrujmethakul CJ WORX Copywriter
Palap Sa-Ngiam CJ WORX Creative Group Head
Weerayutt Angkharach CJ WORX Senior Art Director
Benjawan Sengtee CJ WORX Producer
Chawana Keeratiyutamonkul CJ WORX Managing Director
Warapan Pornpichitpan CJ WORX Business Director
Wongsakorn Ubolsawadi CJ WORX Account Manager
Pattaraploy Gochgorngamud CJ WORX Account Manager
Anchalee Tiyapornchai CJ WORX Account Executive
Natchaya Taesriprasert CJ WORX Account Executive
Suthon Petchsuwan Mum Films Director
Chairat Piriyawattanakul Mum Films Assistant Director
Pattarajitr Trakarnkate Mum Films Executive Producer
Nara Montrekul Na Ayudhya Mum Films Producer
Dechnarong Boonsongsang Mum Films Production Manager


Situation The car battery market in Thailand has a strong market leader who has sales channels spread across the country and enormous marketing budgets. Brief Boliden has been missing from marketing for more than ten years, now wants to come back to the market again. Objectives We want to be top of mind car battery brand when people want to search for a new car battery.

Describe the strategy

With a commitment to product development and confidence in superior materials and better quality, Boliden chose to fight on other channels, the search keywords. When a car battery is a product that no one thinks about until the day it runs out. Boliden, we see this as an opportunity, so we want to reinforce the brand name to everyone and make them remember that when there is a problem with a car battery, pick up the phone and search Boliden. Therefore Boliden is focusing on online users' behavior and make them remember the name whenever they're in trouble with their car battery, make Boliden be the first brand people are going to search for, through the remarkable humorous online film.

Describe the execution

The online film tells the capabilities of the battery in a way that everyone could not imagine, to make people remember that when you have a problem with a car battery, pick up the smartphone and search for Boliden. The period of the re-launch campaign is three months, from 15/11/20 to 15/01/21 via Youtube and Facebook videos.

List the results

Reach 4,248,000 people Online Film has been shared more than 43,700 times. The search volume for BOLIDEN has increased by 253%. BOLIDEN is the top 5 brands that resonate with the online world. Frankenstein has become a net idol that people have made into memes. Jingle "Search BOLIDEN" has become a popular word among netizens. There was a 128% increase in online sales, the highest ever. Battery store Contact to order stock products increased by 67.6% BOLIDEN became the least expensive battery on the market. But with the highest growth in the last quarter of 2020.

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