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Product / ServiceDUTCH MILL
CategoryE03. Innovative use of Community
EntrantCJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
Idea Creation CJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
Media Placement SPORE Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Chief Creative Officer
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Executive Creative Director
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Art Director
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Copywriter
Natkanate Ruengrujmethakul CJ WORX Creative Director
Natkanate Ruengrujmethakul CJ WORX Art Director
Natkanate Ruengrujmethakul CJ WORX Copywriter
Satawat Tangpuangporn CJ WORX Copywriter
Pemika Yosakrai CJ WORX Art Director
Worawut Sengsoon Spore Bangkok Social Media Copywriter
Benjawan Sengtee CJ WORX Producer
Jennisa Alisha CJ WORX Project Manager
Chawana Keeratiyutamonkul CJ WORX Managing Director
Warapan Pornpichitpan CJ WORX Business Director
Wongsakorn Ubolsawadi CJ WORX Account Manager
Anchalee Tiyapornchai CJ WORX Account Executive
Nichapat Ratanapraphat CJ WORX Business Consulting Director
Suphaphich Nittayasak CJ WORX Strategic Planner
Thanakorn Sangchan Spore Bangkok Digital Media Planner


Dutch Mill, a popular drinking yogurt in Thailand always gives energy, freshness, and health benefits to teens. Nowadays, generation Z teenagers are the generation that spends most time in a day on games. That is the reason why many brands are massively spending in-game sponsorship. However, the challenge is how we will communicate the product benefit to these teenagers through the game by not making them feel forced to watch our ads.

Describe the strategy

This campaign is emphasized on Dutch Mill’s brand statement that we are the one who always gives benefits, energy, and freshness to all Thai teenagers in their real-life or even in the game. This time we wisely aim to target, generation Z teenagers, by using Real-Time Interactive, seeking what targets are interested in or enjoy by not making them feel forced to watch our ads. Also, make Dutch Mill become one part of their culture.

Describe the execution

Dutch Mill sent the army of 500 Dutch Mill girls to join Free Fire, a popular survival shooting game with one significant rule, NO VIOLENCE, NO COMPETITION”.Our mission was just simply to deliver in-game health care packages, giving survival boxes, and to boost a player’s power. The period of the Dutch Mill army duties in-game is between 13/04/20 to 15/05/20, but in Thailand social media the conversation about this campaign extended to about a couple of months. During the campaign, an unexpected phenomenon was that some game players are acting like "Dutch Mill girls." They were cosplaying the same costumes, mimicking the supporting role and acting as our Dutch Mill girls spread out many servers in the game.

List the results

After we launched the campaign: It got 150 million media impressions, 2.53 million engagements, an increase of 458% in mentions of Dutch Mill. It became the number one trending topic in Thailand’s gaming industry during the campaign.


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