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AUSTRALIA’S STI EPIDEMIC According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis and chlamydia have more than doubled in the past decade. Yet, despite these data being made widely available, the majority of young Australian men still don’t use condoms when having sex. With many condom brands in the category focusing on pleasure and performance, we saw an opportunity to create a digital platform that centers a product's primary benefit: disease prevention. OUR OBJECTIVE Getting people to engage with LifeStyles on a 1:1 level, as measured by: ● First-party data (emails, phone numbers) ● Email engagement (Unique CTR, Unique Open Rates) ● Organic social growth ● Repeat visits Our brief: Reinforce LifeStyles’ position as a leading sexual health and wellness brand by creating a lasting relationship with consumers outside of the bedroom.

Describe the strategy

LINKING SEX, STOCKS AND STIs Sex is a lot like stocks. Both have similar risk-to-reward profiles that appeal to young men between the ages of 18-35. According to the CFA Institute, young millennial men are 14% more likely to invest in stocks than women. They also account for 56% of all new STI cases in Australia, according to the AIHW. We saw an opportunity to use this audience as the bedrock of our strategic foundation – informing the purpose, tone, and direction of the campaign. GLOBAL DATA, LOCAL INSIGHTS We started by tapping into the Google Trends platform, which allowed us to examine search interest for any given STI over time, where it’s most searched, and what else people searched in connection with it. We then created an algorithm that pulls real-time search data on Australia's most active STIs, and used compelling data visualization to bring it to life.

Describe the execution

PUBLICLY TRADED Publicly Traded is a stock-market inspired, e-commerce platform for LifeStyles that uses compelling data visualization and an engaging discounting mechanic to create value for customers – inspiring them to provide their email address and phone number for future communication. Because STIs, like stocks, are Publicly Traded. COMBINING SEX AND SEARCH As Australians search their symptoms, our platform uses the Google Trends API to gather real-time data on Australia’s six top STIs: chlamydia, HIV, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhoea, and HPV. “BRINGING THE DEAD FACTS TO LIFE” Our algorithm pulls STI search data every 15 minutes, then visualizes it into six stock charts – so users can see how the “market” is performing. INVERSE PRICING MECHANIC Our six charts are aggregated into a single composite – The STI Index, which drives inverse pricing for LifeStyles Condoms. So when the need for protection is the greatest, accessibility for LifeStyles is the highest.

List the results

BRAND BUILDING 931% increase in social lift across Instagram and Facebook. 1.64 million earned media hits in the first month. CREATING ENGAGEMENT 207% increase in repeat visits vs. LifeStyles’ previous sexual health awareness campaign. 47.37% Unique Open Rate – Beat the retail/e-commerce industry benchmark by 72%. 21.05% Unique CTR – Beat the retail/e-commerce industry benchmark by 150%. LONG-TERM VALUE 100% increase in monthly CRM sign-ups, including email addresses and phone numbers. PR “A dramatically different, fresh era of condom marketing.” – PENTHOUSE “The D2C brand war is on.” – STRATEGY “This is as sexy as stocks get.” – THE HUSTLE Top 25 Contagious Ad Campaigns of 2020 –

Please tell us about the social behaviour that inspired the work

UNLOCKING THE POWER OF HEALTH SEARCH According to Google Health, 7% of Google’s daily searches are health-related. This is of particular interest to a condom brand, since web-searches have a demonstrated value in predicting the spread of infectious diseases by region, according to the Mayo Clinic. This includes searches for STIs (e.g. “gonorrhoea”), their key symptoms (e.g. “painful urination”), and adjacent search terms (e.g. “pus-like discharge”). HEALTH DATA MEETS WEALTH DATA After observing how live STI search activity performed on a graph, we realized that it resembled another live data-set that many of us see every day: stock market data. Similar to stocks, STI searches can be highly volatile, swinging from highs to lows at any moment. With these fluctuations in mind, we knew there was an opportunity to activate STI search data in a way that engages young Australians and incentivizes them to practice safer sex through upside potential.


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