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Product / ServiceIKEA
CategoryD01. Social Video
Additional Company OGILVY TAIWAN Taipei City, TAIWAN


Name Company Position
Reed Collins Ogilvy Asia Pacific Chief Creative Officer
Giant Kung Ogilvy Taipei Chief Creative Officer
Matthew Nisbet Ogilvy Hong Kong Executive Creative Director
John Koay Ogilvy Hong Kong Executive Creative Director
Michele Salati Ogilvy Hong Kong Creative Director / Head of Art
Lisa Hsu Ogilvy Taipei Creative Director
Richard Sorensen Ogilvy Hong Kong Creative Director
Buji Ng Ogilvy Hong Kong Creative Director
Yoyo Hsu Ogilvy Taipei Senior Art Director
Ria Chien Copywriter
Lucy McNally Ogilvy Hong Kong Photographer
Tak Fai Wong Ogilvy Hong Kong Photographer
Virginia Tse Hogarth Agency Producer
Stanley Ho Hogarth Editor
Ella Hsu Ogilvy Taipei Business Director
Vincent Lam Ogilvy Hong Kong Group Account Director
Wen Huang Ogilvy Taipei Account Director
Jeannie Lee Ogilvy Taipei Associate Account Director
Crystal Tsou Ogilvy Taipei Account Manager
Rachel Tsui Ogilvy Hong Kong Account Manager
Hailie Lin Ogilvy Taipei Account Executive


IKEA is popular in Taiwan, but some items are less popular than others. We needed to raise awareness of these less-loved items while boosting sales.

Describe the strategy

First, we used sales data to find IKEA Taiwan’s least loved items. We then used an ‘artistic eye’ to select which of these would work best in our online films and ads. The campaign ran on Facebook and Instagram, the perfect platforms for our cheeky, sharable content – and the places our mass target audience spend most of their time online.

Describe the execution

For Valentine’s Day 2020, we shone a spotlight on some of IKEA Taiwan’s least popular items – according to sales data. Introducing ‘The Love Collection’, a multi-platform social commerce campaign featuring lonely IKEA products – with the rest left open to interpretation. ‘The Love Collection’ launched on Valentine’s Day with a short film clip featuring a sexy soundtrack and different IKEA items. This was posted on IKEA’s social channels, as well as being pushed out to KOLs known for having a naughty side. Fans were also invited to share other IKEA items to add to the collection and were then retargeted with ads featuring their chosen products – which they could click through to purchase at

List the results

Our content ran for three days across the Valentine’s period, achieving 821,000 impressions across Taiwan, and a total reach of 741,000. The most impactful piece of content outperformed Facebook’s benchmark by 584%. We kept a close eye on audience behaviour after being served our content – particularly our Carousel post which was optimised for link clicks and achieved 4,252 web visits, 283% higher than Facebook’s benchmark.


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