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Idea Creation OGILVY TAIWAN Taipei City, TAIWAN


Name Company Position
EJ Chiang Ogilvy Taiwan Group Creative Director
Ming Lee Ogilvy Taiwan Associate Creative Director
Eros Wu Ogilvy Taiwan Art Director
Harper Chuang Ogilvy Taiwan Copywriter
Szhui Liu Ogilvy Taiwan Copywriter
Kasper Chang Ogilvy Taiwan Art Director
Giant Kung Ogilvy Taiwan Chief Creative Officer


Hotel Royal Chiaohsi is a premium resort whose main consumers are middle-class women. But in Taiwan, they often feel guilty about taking a vacation, due to responsibilities at work and home. We wanted to inspire these hard-working women to think differently, enabling them to set aside their senseless guilt and give themselves a luxuriously restful holiday at Hotel Royal Chiaohsi.

Describe the strategy

In today’s market, it’s a common strategy to sway the public by collaborating with influencers. We decided to reach out to our target audience using a distinctly original approach: We recruited an influencer like none other, one who has been a trusted figure in Taiwanese society for over a thousand years. Her name is Mazu, the busiest goddess in Taiwan. And we invited Her to take Her first vacation in a thousand years, personally demonstrating Her fabulous holiday on Instagram.

Describe the execution

We recruited a thousand-year-old influencer: the busiest goddess in Taiwan, Mazu, to take Her first vacation in a thousand years. We created her own Instagram account. Sharing all of her wonderful experience at Hotel Royal Chiaohsi everyday, personally demonstrating a good holiday. Targeting women who led busy lives yet never dared to take a break, we communicated one basic concept: “Even the busiest goddess in Taiwan is taking a vacation – why shouldn’t you?” ● 2020/09/21 Mazu issued an imperial edict declaring her first vacation ever on Instagram. To trigger people follow her Instagram account at the beginning. ● 2020/10/08 Mazu visit Hotel Royal Chiaohsi for two days. ● 2020/10/25 Press conference for Mazu's holiday annuncement. After the press conference , Mazu continued to create content on Instagram to interact with her followers.

List the results

● The campaign successfully drove new visits from our target demographic. From October 2019 to January 2020, 64 percent of guests who booked the Mazu-themed room package were first-time visitors, and 60 percent were women. One-third of all hotel visits were from guests aged 35-44, the highest of any age group. Booking conversion rates reached 5.57 percent during pre-sale, compared to an average 3 percent. ●Mazu's instagram account gained nearly 5,000 followers, 70 percent women, and an engagement rate of 8 percent, versus the average 5.7 percent (source: Ninjalitics). Overall social media engagement hit 4 million, in addition to 17M traditional media impressions from 140 earned articles. ● The room bookings increased 195% ● Hotel Royal Chiaohsi Won 2019 traveler’s choice from trip advisor.

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