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CategoryA06. Consumer Services / Business to Business
Idea Creation VMLY&R ASIA Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Valerie Madon VMLY&R Chief Creative Officer
Guy Futcher VMLY&R Executive Creative Director
Joaquim Laurel VMLY&R Head of Creative
Daniel Tolentino VMLY&R Senior Art Director
Marcos Becker VMLY&R Senior Art Director
Miguel Siojo VMLY&R Head of Copy
Tripti Lochan VMLY&R Co-CEO Asia
Preethi Sanjeevi VMLY&R Managing Director
Aditya Saharia VMLY&R Senior Manager, Client Engagement
Aarti Mallik VMLY&R Chief of Staff
Jason Wee Co8xis Creative Partner
Nicholas Ng Co8xis Creative Tech
Jared Tay ColorTV Studio Creative Director
Janaurio Rivas III ColorTV Studio Senior 3D Generalist
Josh Goh ManpowerGroup Singapore Marketing Director, Singapore and Indonesia


Situation: In a cluttered and undifferentiated Asian market, we needed to position our client as a modern, progressive recruiter that stops at nothing to find homes for the world’s best talent. Brief: In 47 of 48 Asian countries, same-sex relationships are still illegal. This means many of the world’s best LGBTQI talent don’t consider Asia as a place of employment. Objectives: Create a simple and impactful campaign that can grow organically with minimum media spend and maximum impact. Help Manpower own a modern and unique positioning in a global market.

Describe the strategy

The importance of a diverse talent pool has been a hot topic of conversation in many Asian business hubs over the last few years. It had entered politics. And was widely discussed. This meant the time was right to not only weigh into the conversation but offer a solution around to the many slow-moving and largely apathetic government policies. Our target audience was not just members of the LGBTQI community across the world but also organizations that had no real way of promoting their existing inclusive hiring policies. We made it simple and seamless for organizations to get involved. A simple hashtag aggregated all jobs so that members of the LGBTQI community could find work.

Describe the execution

The platform launched in July 2020, right after the end of Pride Month in June, and was supported by coms across social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn across Asia.

List the results

During the last 7 months over four hundred jobs have been posted on the Pride Pass platform. In countries all across Asia including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and China. As the platform continues to grow organically, more and more companies are contacting us to be included. We have heard from over fifty companies within the last fifty-two weeks.


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