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Ryosuke Matsuda Toppan Printing CO.,LTD. Staff
Chihiro Taniguchi Toppan Printing CO.,LTD. Staff
Mitsunori Kamei Toppan Printing CO., LTD. Staff
Masaharu Nakano Toppan Printing CO.,LTD. Staff
Mitsutaka Momose Toppan Printing CO.,LTD. Staff
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Shuichi Kataoka BE.TO BEARS inc. Staff
Naoto Yonekawa LiB Co.LTD Staff
Shoichi Murata Freelance Staff

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Creating an opportunity to instill a sense of ownership so as not to forget the rolling stock method, and provide an experience with optimal touch points. And because of the launch of the subscription model "the Cup Noodles Rolling Stock Set", we have created an environment that allows you to continue rolling stock.


In recent years, Japan has experienced many large-scale natural disasters including earthquakes and torrential rains. Although awareness for emergency preparedness rises immediately after a disaster, this awareness also tends to weaken over time and keeping supplies stocked for emergencies is not always successful. It is also not uncommon for people to mistakenly associate stocking emergency supplies with buying food supplies, throwing them away after their expiration date has passed, and then buying new food supplies to replace them.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Once people stock emergency supplies, they tend to relax and forget about them. This is one reason why the rolling stock method does not work as intended. Therefore, to prompt people to remember to maintain their supplies, we made people who create a rolling stock of emergency supplies members of a group and gave them a name. The name is Rolling Stockers. Using a name that sounds like a rock band, we had people join the Rolling Stockers to build a sense of ownership and create sustained awareness for maintaining their emergency food supplies.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

It is easy to get people to begin stocking supplies when their disaster awareness is at a high level. Therefore, we made the initial point of contact events held on the topic of disaster preparedness. We got participants at disaster preparedness events to become members of the Rolling Stockers, and had them first continue to practice the rolling stock method on their own and also spread the word about the Rolling Stockers approach to their social circles through social media. Along with this, we launched the Cup Noodles Rolling Stock Set as a subscription model to lay the groundwork for people to continue practicing the rolling stock method.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

From August to November 2019, we set up the Rolling Stock Education Booth at events held in three locations in Japan (Chitose City, Hokkaido Prefecture; Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; Tachikawa City, Tokyo Prefecture). We handed out an original leaflet that summarized tips for practicing the rolling stock method and the usefulness of instant ramen as an emergency food. We also held a quiz rally to educate participants about the rolling stock method in a way that was fun. To build awareness for practicing the rolling stock method, we gave booth visitors Rolling Stockers original member cards. We made stock stickers available on our website that could be used in pairs, so that one sticker could be put on stock cupboards and a matching sticker put in another useful place.

List the results (30% of vote)

We achieved contact with more than 25,000 people at events and in stores. More than 1,000 people became Rolling Stockers members.