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Product / ServiceSAMSUNG GALAXY S20
CategoryE01. Launch / Re-launch
Idea Creation CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Post Production CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Ant White CHE Proximity Chief Creative Officer
Wes Hawes CHE Proximity Executive Creative Director
Gavin Chimes CHE Proximity Creative Director
Ashley Wilding CHE Proximity Creative Director
Daniel Davison CHE Proximity Creative Director
Ernie Ciaschetti CHE Proximity Copywriter
Daniel Smith CHE Proximity Art Director
Holly Alexander CHE Proximity Executive Producer
Karine Pawel CHE Proximity Producer
Darren Cole CHE Proximity Designer
Reece Lawson CHE Proximity Designer
Tim Kindler Tim Kindler Director


Our challenge was to sell the S20, Samsung’s most expensive ever S series phone, at a time when excitement around new phone launches was rapidly dwindling. Every year no fewer than 15 flagship handsets are launched in Australia by Samsung, Apple, Google, Huawei and Oppo. The features and aesthetic upgrades between each launch, and manufacturer, are becoming harder to discern. As a result, the hype has evaporated from the category, with lines of starry-eyed consumers now being measured in mere meters, rather than blocks. As sales significantly decline, the gap to close has become increasingly important across Switcher and Dormant audiences. ‘Switchers’ are consumers moving from another manufacturer to Samsung – whether from Apple, the biggest player, or Android. ‘Dormants’ are existing Samsung customers who have held their current device for more than 30 months and cannot justify the expense to upgrade. To these audiences launch advertising in particular is invisible, simply because

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Samsung Microcodes: find the tiny codes, hidden in our advertising, to win big. We enhanced the global assets by using them as a Trojan horse for our Dormant/Switcher ‘Space Zoom’ focused comms. As the 300+ assets came in from HQ, we ‘intercepted’ them, hiding a tiny little code prior to airing. A simple, but intriguing mechanic: Find the word ‘phone’ in a phone ad and you could win a phone. The codes were the word ‘phone’ represented in different alpha-numeric combinations – there were billions of possible combinations. We created a video (see attachments) that kicked off the hunt, amplifying it with $150k of

List the results (30% of vote)

The objectives: achieve a revenue ROI of 3:1 ($900k in sales) and activate competitor ‘Switcher’ and out of market ‘Dormant’ audiences. Starting with competition performance we achieved: • Over 275,000 microsite sessions • 27,000 individual entries (vs. original KPI of 5000) • 15 million+ earned media impressions, across 70 publications (vs. original KPI of 10) But how did this competition success translate into tangible uplift for Samsung? By linking competition entries to new phone entries we can attribute 2,271 sales ($3.49m value), smashing our return targets with a ROI of 5:1. From the audiences we were seeking to activate: • We drove 14.0% more Dormants to visit .com S20 pages • And the lion’s share of Apple Switchers to site (31.9%), accounting for more sessions than paid search and social combined Microcodes has achieved and exceeded all commercial expectations and has become the model for local innovation.


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