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Idea Creation REACTIVATE Karachi, PAKISTAN


Name Company Position
Ahmed Jung Reactivate (Pvt) Ltd Associate Director- Strategy
Misha Zafar` Reactivate (Pvt) Ltd Associate Director- Strategy
Faisal Sangi Reactivate (Pvt) Ltd Account Manager
Syed Gohar Unilever Pakistan Ltd Brand Manager
Wali Rizvi Edimation Studio Managing Director

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Lifebuoy is the world's number one hygiene soap brand. When pandemic arrived in Pakistan, we took the opportunity to make people understand the intensity of it, and how can they use Lifebuoy hand soap in their daily lives as per the guideline communicated by WHO. We had set up Lifebuoy Handwashing Stations across Pakistan, where anyone could come and wash hands and our BA's guided them as to how to wash hands. We aimed to make a difference by promoting healthy hygiene habits, which would save them from the Corona virus. We created awareness by making consumer's experiencing the product.


Pandemic had hit Pakistan, and we wanted to make an impact on consumer's lives by promoting healthy hygiene habits as per WHO guidelines i.e. Wash hands for 20 seconds. Brief was simply to create awareness and make the brand available for anyone and everyone, regardless of cast, color, and creed & to communicate as to how Lifebuoy can help people in fighting the virus, by taking right steps to wash hands. Objective was to expand the activation into masses, and make it present wherever possible.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The agency in collaboration with Unilever pledged to use their power to make a difference by working diligently together to protect lives and livelihood in these difficult times, by keeping our fellow citizens safe, saluting our front liners, and standing tall with them in their purpose. We conducted a Strategic wellness activation giving Lifebuoy a new approach to enhance its activation in these trying times. Various channels & cities were activated across the country with a massive number of Lifebuoy Hand Washing Stations & Rocket men to create maximum awareness in regards to the coronavirus & educate people regardless of cast, color, and creed on the right Hand Washing steps.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We targeted people of all LSMs. We partnered with the Government, Civil Aviation Authority, Police, Shell, Careem, Foodpanda, and Pakistan Super League. Stations were deployed at Metropolitan cities, Airports, Markets, Clusters, Corporate Government Sectors, Petrol stations, Pakistan Super League, Malls, Restaurants,and Bakra Mandis. For Eid ul Adha, we deployed multiple handwashing stations for people in “Bakra Mandis” at major cities across the country. Lifebuoy and PSL, deployed handwashing stations & rocket men at the stadium to keep the teams & citizens safe. Lifebuoy and Foodpanda, deployed multiple hand washing stations outside eateries to keep delivery riders safe and protected from the virus and also, delivered Lifebuoy COVID kits to local citizens based on the orders from the APP. To keep Careem drivers safe and to protect consumers, we equipped drivers with Lifebuoy COVID kits to keep them & their customers safe. Partnership stickers were deployed on Careem cars.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

As soon as the Corona virus had spread in Pakistan i.e. 26th Feb'20, we managed to crack the idea and started working on the execution. The installations went on ground from March'20 onwards and within a span of few weeks we were able to tap maximum number of places. We were present at all the major events as mentioned above like Bakra mandis and PSL. Handwashing stations are still deployed and have not been removed yet. Campaign has created an impact on the consumer's and has hit the mark which was our mission. Due to the success of the campaign in Pakistan, Lifebuoy is now an official hygiene partner of Pakistan Cricket Board for the year 2021.

List the results (30% of vote)

We helped multiple NGO’s to fight against Covid19 with the help of Lifebuoy. We went to multiple NGOs and distributed packages containing Lifebuoy soap to help them fight against corona virus. We made a million of hands washed possible by deploying our stations across the country. The campaign had received many media responses too, posts by people across social media were seen appreciating this act. It has left an impact on how to wash hands and how important it is to use Lifebuoy in order to fight against the virus