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Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

To stop the elderly from visiting wet markets during Singapore’s lockdown, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) brought their favourite merchants to them. By digitalising one of the oldest wet markets to create Tekka Online Market (TOM): a digital activation, complete with a seamless supply chain and authentic user experience. With educational content, digital payment/fulfilment systems and live-stream sales, IMDA enabled seniors to shop for groceries from the safety of their homes. Through this activation, IMDA raised digital inclusivity across the community: easing the elderly into online shopping while empowering market sellers to adopt digital tools for the future.


The COVID-19 outbreak undoubtably disrupted the lives of both individuals and businesses. The circuit breaker implemented by the government was a necessary step towards curbing the communal spread. However, those who were digitally unsavvy struggled to cope with the new normal. For IMDA, building a digitally inclusive society to enrich lives has always been a key agenda. And this proved to be an important one, especially during the pandemic’s peak. So, in early 2020, IMDA launched the ‘Stay Healthy, Go Digital’ campaign: • To enable individuals (especially seniors) to stay home, go digital and avoid exacerbating communal spread, i.e., by shopping, working and playing online. • To empower businesses to go digital and overcome the commercial constraints of stay-home orders. Objective: Help Singaporeans go digital so as to cope effectively with the circuit breaker, while leading the way in creating a digitally inclusive society.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

What if we used something dear and familiar like the wet market to inspire Singaporean seniors to go digital during the pandemic? INTRODUCING TEKKA ONLINE MARKET Hacking one of Singapore’s oldest wet markets to create the first-ever web marketplace for seniors. To encourage seniors to stay home, skip the crowds and shop online, IMDA digitalised the famously overcrowded Tekka Market… in less than a week. To roll out the platform swiftly, we integrated Facebook Live, e-payment platform PayNow and more. This allowed us to build a seamless supply chain, complete with cashless payments and contactless deliveries. And of course, to make the user experience authentic, we got market sellers to host live-stream auctions – and engage in their usual banter with customers. By combining rudimentary technologies and simple processes, we helped the digitally uninitiated enjoy the wet market from the safety of their homes.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Challenge: IMDA needed an activation idea that would catalyse digital adoption especially among the digitally uninitiated (seniors), at the onset of the pandemic. Strategy: We didn’t have to look beyond our neighborhood wet markets, for an opportunity to bridge two groups that were in dire need of digital guidance. The creative strategy therefore addressed: • Seniors, the most vulnerable population, who continued to visit wet markets at the height of the pandemic. • Wet market sellers who saw a decline in revenue of up to 80%, pushing many businesses to the brink of closure. Solution: The popular Tekka Market was chosen as our testing ground, and activated online through a universally familiar platform, Facebook. This was picked because it had mass appeal, and above all, was easy for sellers and seniors to use independently.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

Here’s how the digital marketplace activation was brought to life: Phase 0: Market Seller Mentorship Within a week in May 2020, merchants were trained on live-stream selling, inventory planning and product packaging. Phase 1: Education and Excitement The TOM Facebook page quickly grew to several thousand followers. How? By introducing each seller with an exciting profile as well as educating fans on how to shop via the upcoming live streams. Phase 2: TOM Goes Live Each market seller hosted their very own live streams on 5 and 12 May. Exclusive produce and bento sets were auctioned off, with same-day, contactless delivery offered for free. Phase 3: Sustenance and Engagement TOM subsequently welcomed new sellers onboard, and continues to promote them to this day. The platform was acquired by TADA Fresh, who have expanded it to more markets nationwide.

List the results (30% of vote)

Resounding Organic Reach, Engagement and Media Impressions: 18,000+ TOM community members $500,000+ earned media coverage (including all major newspapers and media outlets) 2,400+ direct messages expressing interest to participate 1,000,000+ people reached during campaign period Each live stream activation garnered avg. - 1,254 unique viewers - 51,459 people reached - 5,637 likes and reactions - 18,194 comments - 1,848 shares Over 100% in Sales: Tekka merchants sold out within as little as 10 minutes of going live. More than 800 deliveries were fulfilled in 2 days, generating over $20,000 in revenue. Strong Local and Government Support: The success of TOM helped kick-start the formation of SG Digital Office, aimed to accelerate digital adoption especially among seniors and hawkers in the post-COVID recovery era. Sustained Digital Literacy: After the initial success, more stalls came onboard TOM: fulfilling orders via WhatsApp/Facebook, hosting online giveaways and even running their own live streams!


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