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Idea Creation 2 DIGITAS Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 DIGITAS Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production 3 M&C SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production DIGITAS Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Susan Coghill Tourism Australia Chief Marketing Officer
Anita Godbeer Tourism Australia General Manager PR, Content & Social Media
Nicole Foster Tourism Australia Global Manager, Advocacy
Emma Sturgiss Tourism Australia Global Manager, PR
Emily Eliot Tourism Australia Global Manager, Social Media
Minta Burn Tourism Australia Broadcast & Events Partnerships Manager
Joleen Booth Tourism Australia Global Manager, Content
Larissa Nery Tourism Australia Global Manager, Digital, Mobile & UX
Courtney Barry Tourism Australia Global Manager, Campaigns
Laura Fell Tourism Australia Media Manager
Stephanie Denman Tourism Australia Campaign Executive, Brand
Lauren Caverley Tourism Australia Publicist
Natalie Comensoli Tourism Australia International Media Manager
Georgie Johnson Tourism Australia Social Media Coordinator
Andrew Still Tourism Australia Studio Manager
Oliver Cassidy Digitas Australia Client Services Director
Simon Brock Digitas Australia Creative Director
Jeff Donios Digitas Australia Head of Technology
Ashleigh Bruton Digitas Australia Head of Social
Oliver Ree Digitas Australia Design Lead
Nicole Marshall Digitas Australia Senior Project Manager
Colin Cheong Digitas Australia Account Director
Lisa Hosking UM Senior Client Director
Anthony Thomas UM Senior Partnership Manager
Ellie Reid UM Partnerships Manager
Jack Graham UM Senior Strategy Director
Alisha Imam UM Senior Strategist
Sophie Spooner opr Agency Director
Ellee Donald opr Agency Account Director
Zoe O’Sullivan opr Agency Senior Account Manager
Madison Scott opr Agency Account Manager
Tom Fogarty opr Agency Account Executive
Nikki Chapman M&C Saatchi Senior Account Director
Sarah Dillon M&C Saatchi Account Manager
Vanessa Graham M&C Saatchi Senior Strategy Director
Mandie van der Merwe M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Avish Gordhan M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Matthew Harrington M&C Saatchi Integrated Craft Designer
Simone Cherry M&C Saatchi Design Director

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

2020 was a year of reinvention for brand experience & activation. In a year of lockdowns, brands had to rapidly develop new ways of connecting with audiences, creating new pathways and platforms for interaction and inventing new motivators for people to engage. There's no industry in which this was more true than Australia's tourism sector - an industry completely shut off from international visitors and facing the worst year in its history. Against that backdrop, we created a new kind of brand experience - one that turned holidaying into a virtual experience, at a time the world needed it most.


In the wake of devastating bushfires and a global pandemic, Australia’s tourism sector was facing its most difficult period ever. To help the industry survive, we needed to inspire local and international audiences to start planning their next Aussie holiday at a time when they couldn’t leave home… Our brief? Provide support to an industry facing an uncertain year ahead, and inspiration for a world in lockdown. Our objective? To reignite the dream for travel in Australia by: - Facilitating international audiences to explore and experience Australia remotely - Increasing Australians' intention to undertake domestic travel as soon as borders opened To achieve these two objectives, we'd need to generate an impact both locally and internationally, unifying mass reach with deep engagement to drive meaningful shifts in attitudes and behaviours around travel in Australia.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Live From Aus - a live virtual holiday, reconnecting the world with the best of Australia, on the hour every hour, for an entire weekend. We launched the unique brand experience via a live broadcast television event that continued into a full weekend schedule of live Australian experiences, streamed simultaneously to the world on Facebook, YouTube and With attention grabbed from the big screen, we delivered deep experiences on the small, handing over the reins to over 40 tourism industry operators and entertainment personalities to show off the incredible breadth of Australia’s tourism offering through 32 immersive live streams from every state and territory. Every element of the weekend-long brand experience was interactive - from enabling viewers to share their holiday hopes during a live TV broadcast to creating opportunities for one-to-one conversations between viewers and tourism operators.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

The High Value Traveller (HVT) is Tourism Australia’s target audience. HVTs value travel, enjoy experiences which Australia is known for and are likely to spend more, stay longer and disperse further. But at the height of lockdown, no HVTs were planning an Australian holiday. So we needed to understand what they WERE doing instead. Analysing rapidly evolving media consumption, we discovered they were in search of new forms of social interaction, with news and personality anchored TV programming up 17.4% YOY. But the relationship between TV screens and social media was also changing. Once confined to mobile devices, live streams were providing a form of escape and variety for living room entertainment. Social media users were searching and streaming live content, with Facebook Live and YouTube Live audiences tripling compared to pre-COVID levels. With travel unattainable, we went where the HVTs were and created something they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We created a Facebook event to invite the world on a virtual holiday around Australia, generating over 100,000 sign ups. To launch the brand experience and generate maximum awareness locally, we partnered with national broadcaster Channel 10 to create The Love Australia Project - a network-first, special-edition of Australia’s most popular panel show, The Project. This integrated TV special trended #1 on Twitter, uniting Channel 10’s best talent to celebrate Australia’s tourism sector and introduce viewers to the Live From Aus virtual holiday experience. Then we handed over the reins to 40 tourism industry operators and personalities to do what they do best. Over 48 hours, Aussies from every corner of the country connected HVTs with the incredible breadth of Australia’s tourism offering through their unique live stories and experiences. All this in less than 6 weeks from briefing to live date, all under strict COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

List the results (30% of vote)

The epic ‘Live From Aus’ weekend delivered epic results. The Love Australia Project TV event reached 1.27 million Aussie viewers, trending #1 on Twitter nationally. The Live From Aus brand experience drew 6.6 million live views, delivering 12 years of viewership in just 36 hours. The view count for the experience climbed to 34 million over the following fortnight, engaging people from over 40 countries. The activation generated 226 million global impressions, reaching 127 million unique social users and driving significant lifts in recall and sentiment in all international markets. The experience earned 1,765 pieces of media coverage with 100% positive sentiment, delivering an estimated 1 billion reach through global PR. Importantly, ‘Live From Aus’ genuinely reignited the dream of travel in Australia. recorded an instant 10x spike in search for Australian holiday experiences and many featured tourism operators received new bookings directly attributable to their live streams.

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