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Name Company Position
Camille Datu Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Account Executive
Erico Nolasco Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Project Manager
Jackner Bangalando Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Lead Developer/Maker
John Tan Make It Up Materials engineer/Product Designer/Maker
Pia Roxas Ocampo Wunderman Intl Phils Inc ECD
Karen Gosingan Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Creative Director/Art Director
Eia Garcia Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Copywriter
Miguel de leon Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Strat Planner
Jesus Santos Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Developer
Eugene Arboleda Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Chief Technology Officer
Eunice San Miguel Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Account Manager
Boni Andino Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Service Delivery Manager
Monica Soliman Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Art Director
Karen Quinzon Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Art Director
Edmond Lauren Lisondra Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Art Director
Paolo Jose Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Copywriter
Apple Galvez Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Account Director
Peter Juan Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Head of Social Media
Jules Oballo Wunderman Intl Phils Inc Social Media Manager

Brief Explanation

Daylong, a sunscreen formulated especially for daily use, needed to challenge professional women's belief that they are NOT in danger from UV radiation, and so, potential daily sun damage. Women religiously put on sunscreen when at the beach or pool, but dismiss the need on regular days because they’re “just going from the house to office anyway”, or “they just stay at home”. UV radiation had to be made evident to them.


The sun sensor’s readings were a surprise to everyone. 1) Our ladies were exposed to a constant level of UV radiation wherever they were, indoors or out. Day or night*! 2) As expected, radiation spiked at noon but then remained at least 50% higher than day’s average in the mid-afternoon. 3) Even at times of day believed to be safest, like in the early mornings or night (!)* they had high readings of UV radiation with high potential for intense damage to skin. *due to indoor light sources Stunned by the findings, our influencers have shared that they are now more conscientious about applying sunscreen everyday. They have since shared their the findings through a press roundtable, their social accounts & blogs, while Daylong produced a video. The content has since garnered: PHP 5million + In earned media 30%+ growth In social media fan base 70%+ growth In community engagement

Creative Execution

THE DAYLONG PENDANT The wearable is a UV radiation sensor, hooked up with its own power source and data-writing functionality, artfully hidden inside a fashion accessory. As the women went about their days, the UV sensor would constantly measure how much UV radiation was hitting the women. Then that data would be saved to the device. The data was then analzyed for any meaningful findings, then visualized in a custom-built web app for easy understanding. We needed to make sure that the sun dial was getting as much exposure as the women's skin. So material opacity, UV porousness were taken into consideration. Once we had gathered the UV radiation readings, we interpreted through a simple algorithm applied to the data, after getting the baseline for each woman. Each influencer had her own readings & results particular to her. But still, a pattern emerged among the five women.

Daylong wanted to take up the advocacy of daily sun protection. Living in a tropical country, with a high potential for long-term accumulated sun damage, the brand wanted to raise awareness for UV radiation as a health concern all women must be conscientious about protecting themselves again. The first task was to make the danger of daily UV radiation evident to them. Since they don't see it, they don't protect themselves against it. And yet daily UV radiation IS the number one cause of skin aging.

So we decided to translate unseen, unfelt UV radiation into something urban Filipinas can't deny - data. So we created a wearable pendant that could measure & track just how much UV radiation they were really exposed to. And gave it to 5 women influencers known for being sensible, smart, modern - and of course, have their own following. Afterwards, we shared the data & findings with these women – which had them reaching for their Daylong in no time.