Product / ServiceDIABETEST
CategoryB01. Education & Awareness (incl. Fundraising and Advocacy)
Advertising Agency DENTSU INDONESIA Jakarta, INDONESIA


Name Company Position
Keat Soh Dentsu Indonesia Executive Creative Director
Dafi Alfadila Dentsu Indonesia Art Director
Jovita Damiani Dentsu Indonesia Art Director
Keat Soh Dentsu Indonesia Copywriter
Marina Silitonga Dentsu Indonesia Agency Producer
Iman Waskito Dentsu Indonesia Director Of Photography
Iman Waskito Dentsu Indonesia Editor

Brief Explanation

70% of Indonesians don't know they have diabetes. The majority are women. A lot of them say they are still young. A lot of them say they are afraid of needles used in blood tests. A lot of them also say that blood tests are expensive.


This campaign exceeded expectations on the following counts: Human Impact Previously, Indonesians had to undergo blood tests to know if they may have diabetes. Now there is a cheap, painless and instant way of finding out. Business Impact The first run of test kits went out of stock. Village clinics wanted to stock this product. Topli Tissues also succeeded in creating a new sub-product category in a low-interest market segment. Apart from being the fastest-growing sub-product category for the client, DiabeTest received orders faster than it could fulfill. Brand Impact Topli Tissues did not do any advertising before DiabeTest. Now it is recognized for being a forward-thinking Indonesian brand that promotes wellness, not by talking about it, but by actually doing something useful for the public.

Creative Execution

To preserve their efficacy, DiabeTest tissue papers were sealed in plastic wrappers. We then distributed them during the premiere of a romantic drama, where the invitees were mostly women. We attached them to DVDs sold in retail shops, mostly for soap opera titles. Mail order movies, especially for dramas, were also attached with the test kit. For TV magazines, we inserted DiabeTest just next to the TV listings. This campaign rolled out from late 2014 to early 2015. For the first time in Indonesia, a tissue paper is no longer just a tissue paper.

DiabeTest has lower barriers to entry than blood tests. Used as an early detection test kit or as a pre-blood test diagnostic kit, our objectives are simple: 1. Help save money on multiple visits to doctors for the pre-diagnosis of diabetes (expensive in Indonesia) 2. Help save time on the diagnosis of diabetes (blood tests take a long time in Indonesia) 3. Help save lives (Indonesia has the 4th largest number of diabetes sufferers in the world) The ramifications on healthcare in Indonesia are enormous.

We wanted this test to be easily available to everyone, especially women. A test kit for diabetes in the form of tissue paper made perfect sense - especially since Indonesians (and Indonesian women) are one the biggest consumers of tissue paper in the world.