CategoryE03. Devices/Diagnostics
Entrant Company MR MUMBLES Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency MR MUMBLES Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Andrew Town Mr Mumbles Creative Director
Laurie Ingram Mr Mumbles Creative Director
Bruce Allan Triggar Executive Producer
Robert Allan Triggar Technical Director
Monty Guilhaus Triggar Developer
Jon Evangelista Triggar 3D modeller
Andrew Town Mr Mumbles Designer
Dominic Town Mr Mumbles Designer
Bruce Allan Triggar Photographer
Lisa Kane Stryker Client
Tina Germani Stryker Client
Gemma Cox Mr Mumbles Project Manager

The Campaign

The Challenge How do you get newly qualified surgeons who want to see, study and experience the implants and devices they will use throughout their long career to choose your medical organization? The Solution The Stryker Viewer Kit. Through the combination of an innovative augmented reality mobile app and a premium brochure we virtually put the company’s implants and devices in a new surgeon’s hands. It contained a premium brochure with over 10 AR triggers. After downloading the mobile app the surgeon could access AR experiences that included, Hip, knee and specialized surgical equipment allowing them to experience the functionality.

The Brief

The objective of the campaign was to provide Stryker sales staff with a new and engaging tool to facilitate their sales process with surgeons, potentially opening up a new communication channel in the process. The target market was newly qualified surgeons across Australia and New Zealand in their first years of practice.

Creative Execution

The Stryker Viewer Kit was delivered via the sales force in a premium box designed to look like a surgical instrument case. Inside was a brochure with Stryker devices on a surgical tray on the cover. Upon opening the brochure, new surgeons were invited to download the Mobile app. By downloading the app, a surgeon could use the triggers throughout the brochure to view a range of AR experiences. These AR experiences included implants and specialized surgical equipment and allowed the surgeons to see how each device looks, moves and functions. Other triggers accessed extensive video content detailing technical, research data and expert testimonials. The kit allows young surgeons access to a greater depth of Stryker products 24/7, brought to life in an exciting new format. It also provided the company with a new and engaging communication channel delivered right in one of the surgeon's most prized assets… their hand.

Surgeon engagement is already high with downlnloads reaching a peak rating of #52 for iPhones in late January and #24 for iPads in early February from over 29,000 medical apps available to the Australian market.

Creating a Mobile AR App that released unique, engaging content from a traditional communication tool allowed Stryker to provide an entertaining, informative and truly memorable experience to new surgeons. Surgeons spend their careers utilizing tools and devices with their hands whilst at work and in their leisure using their phones. This Mobile AR App allowed us to bring these two worlds together. Through close collaboration with specialists at Stryker AR experiences were designed that highlighted the most relevant features for each of the implants and devices.