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CategoryB01. Education & Awareness (incl. Fundraising and Advocacy)
Entrant Company DDB CHINA GROUP Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency DDB CHINA GROUP Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company A NEW LIFE FILMS Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Richard Tan DDB China Group Chief Executive Officer
Jimmy Lam DDB China Group Vice-Chairman
Tim Cheng DDB China Group Chief Creative Officer
Ng Jit Hoong DDB China Group Managing Director
Steven Cheng DDB China Group Creative Director/ Art Director
Shu Teoh DDB China Group Copywriter
Johnson Zhang DDB China Group Art Director
Ivan Zee DDB China Group Producer
Chen Shaobai DDB China Group Production
Mimi Cheng DDB China Group Narrator
Nelson Cho A New Life Films Director

Brief Explanation

Air pollution in China is causing major respiratory diseases. Air purifier machines can reduce pollutants but they are unaffordable for many people. Our initiative is to help students in the most polluted cities in China to have cleaner air in their classrooms. Using Volkswagen cabin air filters, we created low cost DIY air purifiers that were made out of packaging cardboards, and we traveled to schools to teach students how to make them for their classrooms. Volkswagen will continue to rollout this initiative to schools, filtering over 9 million cubic meters of classroom air for half a million young students everyday.


Volkswagen is committed to reduce carbon emissions through their New Energy Vehicle technologies. We believe this responsibility does not stop with their cars. Our goal is to help schools in the most polluted cities in China to have air purifiers in classrooms.

Creative Execution

We call it - Clean Air in a Box. It contains a small electric fan, a genuine Volkswagen Cabin Air Filter and a specially designed carton box, making healthier classrooms by filtering the pollutants in the air, in a fun and educational way.

Hazardous air pollution days are getting more regular in cities across China. To breathe air without harmful chemicals and pollutants that cause serious respiratory diseases, one has to spend thousands of dollars to buy expensive air purifier machines, which not everyone can afford. Our goal is to help schools in the most polluted cities in China to have air purifiers in classrooms.

Volkswagen has been providing millions of drivers and passengers clean air in their car from hostile environment on the road. Cabin Air Filter. It's designed to remove harmful chemicals and gases such as Hydrocarbon, Ozone, Sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide and dirt, very similar to the functions of filter from air purifier machines. Our idea is to provide low cost DIY kits to schools children in the badly affected areas to make their own fully functional air purifiers.