Product / ServiceNORSPAN
CategoryE01. Pharma, Vaccines & Biotech aimed at Healthcare Professionals
EntrantAFFINITY Darlinghurst, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company AFFINITY Darlinghurst, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency AFFINITY Darlinghurst, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Luke Brown Affinity CEO
Marcus Tesoriero Affinity Creative Director
Angela Smith Affinity Director of Strategy
Adam Shar Affinity Media Director
Cheyne Oxford Affinity Senior Business Director
Sarah Marshall Affinity Copywriter
Caroline Leung Affinity Art Director
Andrew McQuire Mundipharma Australia Product Manager

The Campaign

Norspan is a leading opiod analgesic patch that provides '7 days continuous pain relief'. Over 50% of Australian doctors are unwilling to write a script for opiod analgesics or even willing to discuss with the patient that there are other pain relief options beyond simple analgesics. Research identified that given GPs attitudes and their reticence to even discuss stronger pain medication options, many patients don’t know to ask for anything stronger and end up suffering in silence. Compounding these problems was the sales force promotional focus had shifted to other brands. Feedback from the patient research was incredibly powerful, and if GPs heard it would provoke the majority of them into discussing pain medication options with their patients, ensuring they had the right quality of care. We needed to bring patient stories to life, but in a compelling and real way. Video was the best option to bring these stories to life. We created an Australian healthcare first – the video banner that saw 72% of all online GPs in the country watch multiple times. The campaign resulted in the brand hitting and exceeding yearly goals despite a reduced share of voice with the sales force.

The Brief

Goal: Reach: 50% of all online GPs to see our ad Engagement: 20% of all online GPs playing our video Market/ Scope: All GPs in Australia

Creative Execution

Research told us that patients were suffering from serous pain in silence not knowing that safe alternatives such as Norspan were available to them. This finding coupled with GPs feeling uncomfortable about prescribing pain meds lead us to the insight that if GPs understood how patients felt, it would provoke them to discuss pain treatment options with their patients more proactively. Our creative response was to dramatise suffering pain in silence using real patient stories via video in banner. Video in banner was an Australian healthcare first. Testament to this approach over 72% of GPs that saw the ads actually interacted with them (compared with industry standard of an expansion rate of 0.9

We smashed our goals: We reached 83% of all online doctors (166% of our goal) 72% of all online GPs played our ad (360% of our goal) The average playtime of our videos was 69 seconds over both ads showing meaningful engagement with the content. The ads had a 4.25% click through rate from the expanded ad frame to the microsite where they spent an average of 1 minute and 42 seconds reviewing the content available. It created a meaningful and engaged response over 100 times greater than the accepted medical standard (0.04%). At the end of the day, this campaign resulted in the brand hitting and exceeding yearly goals despite reduced share of voice in the field.

• It was the first ever expandable video banner used in healthcare in Australia • Digital channels gave us the most cost efficient way to reach the majority of HCPs • Integrating video content into a banner meant we could get more doctors to experience NORSPAN’s story with the least friction – testament to this approach was that 72% of GPs that saw the ads actually interacted with them (compared with industry standard of an expansion rate of 0.9%). • The rich video in banner creative format gave much better cut through when compared to the traditionally gif led marketing used in the healthcare space. • The direct connection between engaging HCPs and a HCP portal (microsite) made every click matter, delivered the best communication and educational yield per engaged user. • None of this would have been possible as effectively or efficiently through either traditional media or rep detailing.