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Band Bai McCANN Health GCD
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The Campaign

Monitoring is essential to get an accurate picture of health but for most people, that’s a negative – we don't want to know the issues or bad news. Omron, China's largest health monitoring manufacturer, decided to turn that around by visualizing health for people in a different way and showing the beauty of their own health. We asked 6 contemporary artists to interpret the beauty of health through their art. This generated a body of work, which was used to design product ads, posters, dramatic new gift packs and merchandizing. We also held an exhibition inviting people to view & share the beauty of health. In one week, 20000 people voted on and shared their favorite images – generating 1.8 million exposures through social media. Online sales of Omron devices doubled that month as we sparked an increased interest in health itself, all by painting a more beautiful picture of health.

The Brief

We had to do something about this negative view of health, monitoring and management among not the patients only but the general public as a whole. We had to change this view to positive so that: • People understand and appreciate the importance of health management • They embrace health because they want to not because they have to • They look at health and monitoring in more constructive way • They take active steps towards health management and use health monitoring devices

Creative Execution

We exhibited the artworks of the artists to general public through a physical exhibition with an online version. People were invited to view, vote and share their comments and favorite artworks with others through social media channels. The artworks were also used to design beautiful product ads, posters, gift packs and merchandizing. For the industry, this was a complete new way of connecting with consumers instead of the conventional communication that relied heavily on threats or product functions and proved ineffective in past.

This campaign gained a lot of popularity among public, people started sharing the artworks and also their positive comments about how different they feel about their health. Through the power of art and through blood, sugar, fat and air, we did more than just increase sales. We sparked an increased interest in health itself and created a more health-aware consumer. The highlight results for the campaign were as following: • The campaign generated 1.8 million exposures – views, comments and shares – through the social media channels such as weibo and wechat • It mobilized 20 thousand people within a week to participate in the voting process on their online platform • The online sales of Omron devices doubled that month encouraging Omron to take this transformative process to wider audiences in China in future

Monitoring is all about visualizing the health information through a screen for people to take informed action. But if there is so much of negativity towards this visualization, we decided to attack the problem at its root cause. We decided to visualize the health for people… but this time in a totally different manner. We invited 6 young artists and asked them to interpret the beauty of health through their art. What we ended up with was a body of work that inspires people by showing the beauty in health. This was the first time people got a glimpse into their health and found the beauty in its rhythms and patterns.