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Name Company Position
Alfred Wong Leo Burnett/Hong Kong Executive Creative Director
Graeme Brimmer Leo Burnett, Hong Kong Group Creative Director, Copywriter
Joe Lam Leo Burnett, Hong Kong Art Director
Zeph Teng Leo Burnett, Hong Kong Art Director
Timothy Cheng Leo Burnett, Hong Kong Art Director
Simon Holt Leo Burnett, Hong Kong Regional Director
Laurence Chang Leo Burnett, Hong Kong Group Brand Director
Francis Chan Leo Burnett, Hong Kong Brand Director
Sada Leung Leo Burnett, Hong Kong Brand Executive
Zoe Tam Leo Burnett, Hong Kong Brand Manager
Athena Chiu Leo Burnett, Hong Kong Brand Manager
Socialite (HK) Limited Production House

The Campaign

Moodigo is a personalized mood diary that helps users visualise, track and share their moods through their photos. The mobile app was created for Pfizer, and was designed to raise awareness of mental health issues in Hong Kong – particularly depression – which has witnessed a sharp increase over the past 2 years, especially amongst the youth. The app gives users a simple, intuitive method for monitoring changes in their mental health. They simply select a mood from the menu, then add a photo. In addition to their chosen mood, users can record and track their sleep, exercise and any external factors such as work pressure or money concerns. The app also features a certified mental health quiz (PHQ-9), a mood coach to give them a lift, and additional tips and information to help users better understand and deal with depression. A twin app, Moodigo Pro, allows medical professionals to view and analyze their patient’s Moodigo entries. So they can better diagnose and treat an array of mood disorders. Launched in June 2015, the app is already gaining recognition within the medical community as an effective tool to help identify and monitor depression and mental illness. Moodigo has already helped raise $50,000 for the Hong Kong Mental Health Foundation.

The Brief

Create an Accessible Platform: Our goal was to raise awareness of mental health issues in Hong Kong, while simultaneously giving doctors a platform to monitor and track shifts in their patients’ moods. Support Charity: Pfizer wanted to help raise much needed funding for the Hong Kong Mental Health Foundation. Moodigo was designed to raise awareness and help boost donations. For every pic posted online, Pfizer donated a dollar to the charity. Target Audience: The target audience for Moodigo is young adults aged 15-25, with a predominantly female demographic (about twice as many women as men experience depression). For Moodigo Pro, the target audience is doctors in the mental health field. Market: Moodigo was designed for the Hong Kong market. Scope: The campaign consisted of a mobile app, minisite, online video and charity drive.

Creative Execution

Development: Before proceeding to the app development, our team conducted a comprehensive audit of over 200 of the latest mental health research studies, reviewed 32 mobile apps and conducted extensive feasibility checks to ensure our app could deliver the objectives. The apps took around 10 months in development, from research, strategic planning, ideation and creative layout, to production (IOS and Android), Pfizer internal security and source code testing. Moodigo was launched in the Hong Kong market in June 2015 on the Apple Store and Google Play. Design: The design tone and manner is vibrant and engaging. As mental health issues in Hong Kong carry a social stigma, we positioned Moodigo as a lifestyle app by including the sleep and exercise functionality. As observed, existing pharma mobile applications in Hong Kong tend to be more information portals, with limited interactivity and engagement. In order to attract our target audience (young adults who are heavy social media users), we included a social sharing function to enable users to share their moods on social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

$50,000 was raised for the Hong Kong Mental Health Foundation Over 4,000 app downloads in the first month 240,796 media impressions in 14 days 19,754 video views in 2 weeks Doctor App: Moodigo Pro Moodigo Pro has also been greeted enthusiastically within the medical community. Over 500 mental health professionals in Hong Kong have signed up so far. “Moodigo creatively implements mood status and sleeping habits into smart phone culture” Dr. Cheung Hon Kee, Psychiatrist "It is a user friendly platform for monitoring users’ moods in a comprehensive manner. Users are also diverted to useful links of the Hong Kong Government regarding the management of stress and the latest information on mental health." Dr. David Ying Kit Lau, Psychiatrist

Hong Kong has the highest mobile internet usage rate in the Asia Pacific region with 96% of smartphone owners going online every day. Moodigo was designed to tackle a difficult subject – depression – by integrating it into our audience’s existing mobile habits. In general, pharmaceutical mobile applications in Hong Kong tend to be standard in terms of creative design and functionality. Most of them used muted colours and are comparatively less interactive. Our intention was to make Moodigo different – bright, bold and fun to use. Beyond simply recording the user’s mood, Moodigo helps users visualize how they are feeling through their photos, giving their mood record more context. It also tracks sleep and exercise patterns, a key indicator of any possible mood problems. The medical professional version, Moodigo Pro, is a conversation starter for one of Pfizer’s main clients – doctors. The company is not selling any medication linked to mood disorders or depression, but rather positioning itself as a partner in ensuring better mental health.