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CategoryB02. Clinics, Hospitals, Retail & Facilities
EntrantGPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Andrew Thompson George Patterson Y&R Executive Creative Director
Carl Lough George Patterson Y&R Art Director
Ash Kennedy George Patterson Y&R Copywriter
Michelle Short George Patterson Y&R Production Director
Todd Williams George Patterson Y&R Operations Director
Santi Drane George Patterson Y&R Retoucher/Studio Manager
Lynsey Murtagh George Patterson Y&R Account Manager
Phil Mcdonald George Patterson Y&R Group Managing Director
Ben Coulson George Patterson Y&R Chief Creative Officer - ANZ

The Campaign

The Brisbane Chiropractic Centre needed to stand out as the Authority on all things back-related. We created Crack-Back Cards - a promotional business card that allowed prospective customers to pop one of the bubble wrap circles on the back - making the distinctive cracking sound of a good chiro session. The piece was live in cafes and inner city destinations for 4 weeks, and also provided a reminder for returning patients by being available on the front desk of the Centres. New Customer Enquiries were up over 20% during the Crack-Back Cards promotion.

The Brief

The target market for this campaign was urban city professionals. They had a wealth of choices for their treatment, so we needed to provide a relevant point of difference. This was a local campaign based in Brisbane near to the Centres.

Creative Execution

The strength of the idea was being able to produce a low-cost promo idea that completely owned the benefit of a chiropractor. Brisbane Chiropractic Centre wanted to be known as the leaders in their field, and this promotional activity helped then to achieve it.

New Customer Enquiries were up over 20% during the Crack-Back Cards promotion.

We knew people related an excellent chiro appointment with the distinctive cracking of your back. So we took that truth and turned it into a relevant promotional piece, able to be targeted easily to our city professionals. Crack-Back Cards used bubble wrap attached to a graphically illustrated spine image. Prospective customers could pop the bubble-wrap to make the distinctive sound of a back being cracked as part of a chiropractic session. We delivered the cards directly to local businesses and cafes over the 4 week promotional period.