CategoryA04. Nutraceuticals
Entrant Company GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company THE SWEET SHOP Bangkok, THAILAND
Production Company 2 CUTTERS Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 3 VOCANIC Jakarta Selatan, INDONESIA


Name Company Position
Charles Leslie GSK Global Head VMS
Francisco Ruiz GSK NPD Director VMS
Till Hohmann Grey Group APAC Executive Creative Director
Antonio Bonifacio Grey Group Singapore Creative Director
Andrew Siebert/Darren Leong/Luis Fabra/James Li Grey Group Singapore Creative Team
Brendan Cravitz Grey Group Singapore Executive Producer
Judd Labarthe/Daria Gouskova Grey Group Singapore Planning Team
Mimi Nicklin/Lynn Chow/Penelope Wetherill/Celestine Queck Grey Group Singapore Account Supervision
Kathi Prosser The Sweet Shop, Bangkok Director
Aron Leong The Sweet Shop, Bangkok DOP Lighting Cameraman
Claire Davidson The Sweet Shop, Bangkok Executive Producer
Daniel Ho/Aoo Suthipaet/War Waruttamangkoon The Sweet Shop, Bangkok Production Team
Christian Almiron/Jeff Fiorello/Brian Yessian/Philippe LeSaux/Scott Gatteno Yessian Music, Detroit Composition, Mixing, Music & Sound Design
Ryan McGuire/Aika Miyake/Eric Maurer/Yusaku Yasuda Cutters Inc., Tokyo Editing & Post Production
Dave McVeigh/Jan Leung/Wilbert Canete Kryptonite Digital Media 3D Design & Animation
Preeti Kumar/Maddy Rao/Estee Tang/Wendy Choo Mindshare Media Planning Team
Beth Fordham/Bjorn Jansen Blackswan, London Digital Team
Dyah Maharani/Handari Putro/Farahdita Lubis/Abriyanti Tyas/Gilang Ramadhan Vocanci, Jakarta Social Media Team

The Campaign

In Southeast Asia, the Scott's range of cod liver oil-based emulsions and chewables is trusted by generations of mothers to boost their kids’ immunity. So they tend to use it only seasonally but its rich DHA/Omega-3 content makes it an ideal boost for mental development, when used daily. A big shift that demanded a meaningful idea. Moving beyond functional messaging, we created a new word for a feeling all mothers know: momazing. Mothers feel this most acutely when they see their child making a developmental leap. That’s when moms know that they’re “getting it right.” By making momazing a hashtag, we encouraged direct engagement: share your #momazing moments. Scott's successfully entered a conversation mothers were already having, linked the important topic of development to its brand and saw all key metrics grow. (YES: The word was extensively tested and in this spelling and pronounciation it is understood by mothers across Asia!)

The Brief

The primary goal of this regional campaign was to move Scott's from seasonal to daily use by linking it to one of the biggest topics on young mothers' minds: their kids’ (mental) development. The ambition was to become part of the lively conversation mothers were already having - as the partner who understands their role, their questions and their feelings. To get there, mothers of children aged 3 to 8 across 5 markets needed to experience a new Scott's and be given a tool to directly engage, share, participate. We wanted a movement of mothers, powered by Scott's!

Creative Execution

We introduced #MOMAZING with highly emotional audiovisual content: films that showed the busy life of different mothers; all the things they do all day, every day; and those unpredictable moments of children doing something for the first time - that's when you feel #MOMAZING. This content aired in many versions across all markets (Sep 2014 to date): as product-centric TVCs, as iVideo , as long-form online film, in cinemas, in short clips on social media. It set the tone and showed a totally new Scott's. In parallel, new Scott's websites went live across all markets, (carefully orchestrated efforts on Twitter and Facebook) completing the brand’s digital ecosystem. Here, the focus was to push engagement and participation in order to stimulate the conversation as well as aggregate UGC. In all this #Momazing was the constant call to action.

#MOMAZING has driven strong business impact as well as consumer engagement, far exceeding expectations in all markets. Indonesia alone reports a Q4 year on year sales growth of 100%. On average Scott's category share of voice in category rose to 89%. In March 2015 alone over 200k views of long-form video online across all markets. In same month over 4.000 unique content submissions by mothers in Indonesia alone. As for a key direct metric: 17% organic reach of the #MOMAZING content across Asia Area - significantly higher than Facebook’s usual 4%. This increased reach is driven by consumer shares and engagement and proves how relevant and powerful the content has become and is for our audience in Asia.

Instead of simply focussing on the functional benefit of DHA for the child, we focussed on the emotional benefit that a child's positive development has for the mother. It's in those magic unpredictable moments when a child does something for the first time that a mother knows she’s been doing the right things. It's a uniquely rewarding feeling. The simple logic: in order to enjoy this feeling more often, use DHA-rich Scott's every day to boost your child's development. The campaign coined a name for this feeling: momazing. Knowing that our Asian mom-audience are heavy social media users, we made the hashtag #MOMAZING the centrepiece of the entire campaign. Across all media, it drove direct engagement and participation, called on mothers to tag all their videos, photos and stories about their child's developmental firsts, linked them all to Scott's and made Scott's part of authentic conversation.