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Entrant Company SEVEN Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES
Advertising Agency SEVEN Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES

Brief Explanation

The task is to make people aware of Piola’s philosophy of sustainability. In a category where the advertising landscape is mostly about style and innovation, Piola defied the norm by making it a brand that is seriously taking steps in preserving the mother earth and providing sustainable livelihood for communities.

The Brief

Piola, an independent shoe brand, is committed to making great shoes and, more importantly, to creating sustainable livelihood. It sources all its raw materials directly from small farmers — giving them a constant source of living.

How the final design was conceived

Through the design, we showed how each step in creating a pair leaves a mark. To show this, we used dirt to craft each artwork. The designs show how Piola was able to create jobs and help sustain the communities of the farmers. Truly, every pair goes a long way.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The campaign helped in creating awareness for the brand and helped generate sales of up to 40%. More importantly, it contributed in giving the farmers a sustainable livelihood.


Name Company Position
Teeny Gonzales Seven A.D. Chief Executive Officer
Tey San Diego Seven A.D. Chief Operations Officer
Russell Molina Seven A.D. Executive Creative Director
Maki Correa Seven A.D. Creative Director
Rina dela Calzada Seven A.D. Creative Director
Argem Vinuya Seven A.D. Creative Director
Julio Jose Malantic Seven A.D. Associate Creative Director
Teeny Gonzales Seven A.D. Copywriter
Maki Correa Seven A.D. Copywriter
Mai Basilio Seven A.D. Art Director
Cil del Mundo Seven A.D. Business Unit Director
Denise Amora Seven A.D. Account Director
Carls Echas Seven A.D. Senior Account Manager
Arielle Anico Seven A.D. Account Manager
Tey San Diego Seven A.D. Planner