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Brief Explanation

According to the UN, every 20 minutes, an animal species disappears forever. One quarter of mammals today are in danger of extinction…If we do not take action today, our kids may not be able to see them tomorrow. IFAW wants to let people know about this cruel fact and take action.

The Brief

IFAW was founded in 1969. It carries out projects in more than 40 countries, including individual animal rescuing, animal species and habitat protection. IFAW actively advocates to protect animal species and quantities by reducing overhunting and abuse of animals.

How the final design was conceived

We found the “fragile” logo is quite similar to the noses of mammals, at that, the idea "Animals Are Fragile" was born. It’s harder to change existing opinions of adults, and to wake teenagers' and children’ sense of animal protection is easier and more effective. So, we designed 7 “fragile animals” posters, to deliver the viewpoint “Animals Are Fragile” to the public, and put up them in public spaces where teenagers and children like to go, like primary schools, middle schools, zoos in Beijing.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Over 10,000 children realized this point of view“Animals Are Fragile”through lively teaching, their awareness of animal protection is raised. And they become the ambassador and life protector of these endangered animals. The parents are advised not eat venison, nor by fur and animal products by their children. The children became the teachers this time.


Name Company Position
Jacky Lung Cheil China Executive Creative Director
Shengxiong Chen Cheil China Creative Director
Donghai Liu Cheil China Creative Director
Michael Sung Cheil China Art Director
Shengxiong Chen Cheil China Art Director
Dian Wang Cheil China Copywriter
Shawn Wu Cheil China Copywriter
Donghai Liu Cheil China Copywriter
Michael Sung Cheil China Designer
Jian Shi Cheil China Designer
Michael Sung Cheil China Illustrator
Snow Li Cheil China Account Supervisor
Xin Tan Cheil China Agency Producer
Jacky Lung Cheil China Art Director