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Brief Explanation

When you live in Queensland, every month brings a new disaster. Floods, wild storms, bushfires – Mother Nature really lets us have it on a regular basis. So we created the 2015 Survival Calendar for Suncorp customers. Every page included an accessory for a seasonal weather event, including rope to secure a tarp to the roof, tape to reinforce windows during a hailstorm, a space blanket to treat exposure, even an emergency flashlight could be popped out from one of the calendar spreads. We provided a whole year’s worth of tools, to help protect our customers 365 days a year.

The Brief

Suncorp Insurance is Queensland's largest insurer, with over 1 million customers. They are at the premium end of the market in home and contents insurance, and are always under pressure to hold onto customers at renewal time. Suncorp Insurance wanted to remind people of their expertise at helping out in severe weather events. In particular, they wanted to remind their top customers (either by tenure or worth) of the importance of sticking with insurance you can trust.

How the final design was conceived

The 2015 Survival Calendar was built around the most common natural disasters to strike Queensland. From a production process, the calendar was made up of 24 individually considered pieces including; white and neon printing throughout, duplexed front and back cover, six custom designed or individually sourced emergency accessories, as well as multiple bespoke packaging elements. A visual language and icon system was developed to help bring a visual consistency to the individual elements - as well as to quickly and clearly communicate their purpose and usage instructions.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The Suncorp Insurance brand promise is to be The Must-Have Queensland Insurance. By creating the 2015 Survival Calendar, we gave our customers everything they would need in the event of a major weather event. And gave them the confidence that their insurance would be there for them too. From a business point of view, no matter which month of the year their insurance renewal was due, we were there on their calendar as a reminder to stick with the Insurance they could trust. Over 90% of customers who received the Calendar renewed their policies for another 12 months.