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Brief Explanation

In a world filled with competing devices claiming superiority, Apple needed a way to articulate what makes an iPhone an iPhone.  World Gallery aims to prove that the features of the newly-launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are much more than its size. To celebrate one of the product’s most notable and powerful features, the camera, World Gallery featured 215 non-commissioned, user created iPhone 6 photographs. Listing the photographer credit and “Shot on iPhone 6” headline on each execution within a simple white border, we turned conventional outdoor and print into a gallery space across 25 countries.

The Brief

Apple changed the mobile photography landscape forever with the introduction of iPhone. In 2014 Apple launched the 8th generation of iPhone and their most successful products to date, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. World Gallery aims to celebrate every use of iPhone’s camera and the great photographs people take with it. 

How the final design was conceived

The iPhone 6 World Gallery outdoor campaign launched around the world on March 2, 2015, transforming over 14000 billboards and poster sites overnight, along with hundreds of magazine back covers and newspaper spreads.   The search and curation took the better part of three months, combing through tens of thousands of photos on social platforms. We looked for everyday photographers from all cultural horizons, and a range of pictures that alludes to the photographer in all of us.   The physical reality of this vast campaign meant endless combinations of scales, aspect ratios and languages. The main design challenge was to create a coherent experience that would not detract from the beauty of the chosen photographs. These large variations informed a simple design solution: a white frame, featuring the headline alongside the photographer name and campaign website.    Our design intention extended to a thoughtful photo allocation process. Photos for each of the thousands of boards around the globe were hand-picked to resonate with respective physical locations.   The magazine back covers enjoyed an even more contextual approach - the creative and media teams worked in unison to select photos that would complement and echo the genres and themes of hundreds of global insertions.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

World Gallery was strategically launched simultaneously throughout the world. On March 1, 2015 we introduced World Gallery on alongside select editorial media placements. On March 2, images from 174 individuals from around the world, launched in 79 cities and in 26 countries on billboards, street level postings, newspaper spreads and magazine back covers worldwide. Engagement continues to gain momentum. Reach: • World Gallery has been directly mentioned by 77k opinion leaders, leading to 464M online impressions.  • World Gallery reached a very global audience with people talking about it online in 84 countries (OOH and Print featured in 25) • “iPhone camera” searches in Google increased by 50%  and even CTR increased by 10%.   • 95% positive mentions Engagement: • Since launch, on Instagram our campaign increased the existing engagement with #ShotoniPhone by +7,043%. #ShotoniPhone6 spiked +51,200% (thus creating a sustaining trend). • Featured photographers and fans created their own online community -  Impact: • World Gallery directly impacted and resulted in a behavior change within the intended target audience of mobile phone photographers. • For key APAC markets, one week after launch, VSCO Cam went up by 114 spots, and Camera+ by 248 spots.


Name Company Position
Lee Clow TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Chairman
Erica Hoholick TBWA \ Media Arts Lab President
Duncan Milner TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Chief Creative Director
Eric Grunbaum TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Executive Creative Director
Charles Hodges TBWA \ Media Arts Lab GCD/Copywriter
Chuck Monn TBWA \ Media Arts Lab GCD/Art Director
Antoine Choussat TBWA \ Media Arts Lab CD/Copywriter
Masaya Asai TBWA \ Media Arts Lab ACD/Art Director
Paul Wysocan TBWA \ Media Arts Lab ACD/Art Director
Reggie Ocampo TBWA \ Media Arts Lab ACD/Art Director
Youji Noh TBWA \ Media Arts Lab ACD/Art Director
Haruhito Nisawadaira TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Senior Art Director
Worapol Traitonwong TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Senior Art Director
Adams Ho TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Senior Art Director
Stevanus Lauwito TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Senior Art Director
Kyungran Chang TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Art Director
Julien Michel TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Art Director
David Dieter TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Art Director
Howl Lee TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Art Director
Alyssa Anaimugan TBWA \ Media Arts Lab Junior Art Director