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Brief Explanation

Tsubasa Nishitani, the Founder of Tsubi Soup, asked us to design a soup package that “pops” on your office desk that will instantaneously make you feel happy. Compared to other instant soups on the market, Tsubi Soup prides itself in their organic ingredients, the packaging and logo symbolize the feeling after one consumes such a hearty soup- a heart- wrenching, warm and fuzzy feeling. Tsubi Soup is targeted at urban professionals, aged 21- 30, who are fitness- conscious, and have to spend most of their time behind office desks.

The Brief

Tsubi Soup is an organic vegan soup, 100% free from all preservatives, made with the freshest seasonal produce from the south of Japan, ready for grab-and-go. It will be distributed through in-store food retail outlets in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia and through an online platform. Aiming to deliver the finest ingredients conveniently and helping one maintain healthy eating and lifestyle, it is ideal for individuals who need to cope with their busy and hectic pace of a vibrant city.

How the final design was conceived

To develop a new face for a new brand, we needed to see the founder’s vision as transparently as possible. We first understood the product, vision and feelings of the brand through detailed exercises and questionnaires. We then observed Nishitani’s personal style through social media and in-person. After these processes, we showed her a large array of graphic designs to gauge her preferred style. These ways of understanding our client in a personal manner helped curate the branding personality of Tsubi Soupi before starting the actual design execution. To put emphasis on the organic and rustic approach, a friendly and rounder font style was chosen depicting warmth. Japanese words were also added in the logo to show the originality of the product. The letter “U” is used as a soup that is more than half full, accompanied with a smiley face signifying the joy of a healthy lifestyle. The colors orange and green are shown in the logo adding more life. The colors are subtle and will not distract from the name itself but add more design elements symbolizing healthy and positive feelings. The leaf also points up to the top right corner depicting an uplifting spirit.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Creating Tsubi Soup’s logo and packaging for the soup has generated overall positive feelings, resonating the happy well-being of a healthy lifestyle. The memorable and chirpy packaging stands out from competition on the shelves, as most packaging designs only have bold font headings and a photograph of a soup. We are pleased with the results of creating a design that looks at you directly with a smile. The simple and cheerful face symbolizes the clean and fresh ingredients. Such genuineness appeals to all ages which expands and diversifies from the original target audience. It makes people who do not like ready- to- make soups want to give Tsubi Soup a try.


Name Company Position
Ruth Chao INDICUBE Chief Creative Officer
Trista Hung INDICUBE Graphic Designer
Antonia Li INDICUBE Business Director
Kethena Tang INDICUBE Account Executive