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Brief Explanation

Automotive fuel retailing in China is a complex environment with fierce completion from conglomerates, global brands and new state-owned arrivals and strict government controlled pricing. VIV is a new company built through recent acquisitions and mergers and needed a single story and vision to unite all employees internally and communicate externally a clear and relevant difference for target consumers. Due to the controlled pricing, profit margins on fuel alone remain low. As a new player VIV needed seek to increase profit through customer loyalty and extended service offers such as car washing, components, convenience stores and fast-food facilities.

The Brief

China has seen a boom in the oil retailing business due to the rapid rise of private car use in the past decade. This has seen the country become the world’s second-largest consumer of oil behind the United States, and the world’s largest net importer. The industry is still heavily influenced by state owned monopolies, (Sinopec, CNPC) These two firms alone own over half the gas stations in China. VIV is one of a number of local private oil companies, focused on East China who are stepping into the market to take advantage of an opening up of the regulations.

How the final design was conceived

Following online ethnography research on social media accounts (Weibo, auto forums) It became apparent that Chinese car owners living in the east coastal areas are embracing a “style” of life for the first time in history. As part of their life, however, the petrol station has remained stuck in time. We defined a fresh, even revolutionary approach to service stations that is relevant to the new Chinese consumers. Not just a filling station but a beacon on the road to the future, an oasis for modern life. fueling modern lives.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

A complete new approach to the high street filling station providing not just fuel but a social hub of services, from enhanced convince store and retail offers to relevant localized facilities such baby changes and charging points. Expressed in an unashamedly bold, modern aesthetic. Targeted directly at a younger aspirational audience. “The agency has opened up new horizons for our business by creating the breakthrough brand, ‘VIV’. We are now proud to be THE pioneer in our industry.” Chen Pengfei, Vice General Manager “I want to help promote the agency and the work they have done for us. It exceeds all our expectation.” Liang Jinda, President


Name Company Position
David Mineyama-Smithson Landor Executive Creative Director
Fisher Yu Landor Seniour Stratergist
Markus Pesendorfer Landor Creative Director
Wu Bian Landor Account Manager
Maggie Chan Landor Environments Designer
Doris Ho Landor Managing Director