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Product / ServiceKOBE X
CategoryD01. Brand Environments
Media Agency MINDSHARE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company TZ STUDIO Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Yang Yeo Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Terence Leong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director
Azsa West Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director
Jimmy Chen Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Copywriter
Nelson Ng Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Art Director
Marula Vaz Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Interaction & Experiential Art Director
Kevin Lunsong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Designer
Johnny Zou Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Digital designer
Ashley Cheung Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Technologist
Hiro Ikematsu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Editor
Bernice Wong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Content Head
Arlene Lu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Content Producer
Max Wu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Digital Producer
Vic Zhang Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Construction Producer
Stone Xue Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Print Producer
Chuck Xu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Account Manager
Sasa Yang Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Account Executive
Bryan Tilson Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Business Director
Paula Bloodworth Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Planner
Leon Lin Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Planner
Coral Peng Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Social Strategist
Nicole Bee Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Project Manager
WisPark & PinShi Construction company
Green United Music & TZ Studio Audio Production Company
Fin Design & Effects Shanghai Post Production House
I-summer.me Print Production House
Shanghai Xingbo Sports On-site staff management
E|D|C-Shanghai Music and Sound Design
Angel Fausto Motion Graphics Design
Dreamone Interactive Development Company
Diego Fuertes & Evan Cai Space Design

Brief Explanation

Their brief: Tell kids to be quick like Kobe. Kids in China worship Kobe but they don’t know what it really takes to be as fast as him and sadly, there are few opportunities for them to learn. They love basketball but rarely experience the thrill of impressing a coach or the feeling of achievement for having exceeded a test. This isn’t a problem in the short term, but basketball is in its infancy in China, it’s vital for Nike to invest in the future of basketball. Additionally, we must fuel the profile of international superstars like Kobe in China. We helped kids to not just look like Kobe, but play like him too.

The Brief

Nike is the world’s largest manufacturer of athletic shoes, apparel and equipment, with revenue of US$24.1 billion. Nike believes if you have a body, you are an athlete. Its mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. In China, Nike basketball dedicates itself to help the young Chinese ballers to bring their unstoppable game to the court.

How the final design was conceived

To be one of the best players in basketball, Kobe Bryant puts himself through strict training. To see if ballers in China are quick enough to wear the new Kobe X shoes, we employed the same standards to create the “Temple of Deadly Quickness”. Inspired by quizzes that that U.S Air Force uses to select potential candidates, we distilled Kobe Bryant’s Mamba mentality into 5 focused silos, such as agility, stealth-like quickness, accuracy under pressure, reflexes and commitment; qualities that make up a skilled basketball player. We then transformed these silos into 5 interactive spaces that put the baller through physically and mentally-demanding challenges to see if they are worthy of Kobe’s new shoe.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Within hours of launching the “deadly quickness mobile game”, the test spread like wildfire on social media. In the first 24 hours, it was played over 300,000 times but only a handful of the players had the skills to pass it. Blogs and forums immediately sprang up offering tips and tricks to beat it. Within 6 weeks, the test has been taken 1.5 million times. We intentionally kept the “Temple of Deadly Quickness” experience exclusive, special and prestigious to attract the right people to the temple. The word spread quickly; press, basketball influencers and diehard fans all flocked to the temple. Ballers came from all over China & lined up for up to 4 hours to get their chance to prove their quickness. Their experience generated huge amounts of content, countless tweets & posts on Weibo and WeChat to a collective audience of millions. The experience also earned PR and mentions in top industry and basketball blogs and websites.