Product / Service4&2
CategoryC01. Logo Design
Entrant Company ODAKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency ODAKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company NIPPON DESIGN CENTER Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

We want to support the healthy, pleasant lifestyles and partnerships of people and their pets. Developing commercial facilities for pet lovers at Kyodo Station is our first step.

The Brief

Odakyu Electric Railway strives to create new values through services that maximize living comfort for residents along the line. Pet ownership among these residents has increased yearly and people are seeking better lives with their pets. Odakyu line is committed to meeting these needs.

How the final design was conceived

It is said that people began living with dogs 10,000 years ago — a very long-standing tradition of friendship. Now pets and people are closer than ever. They share time together like close family members. So we developed a ‘lifestyle shop’ called 4&2 that supports their shared lives. From beauty, healthcare and foods to goods and accommodations, we seek ways to give pets and people better lives together. “I’m happy as long as she’s happy” and “She’s glad when I’m in a good mood” ― we named the shop 4&2 so every visitors can share these feelings with their pets.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Residents in the Kyodo area have embraced our “Pets are partners, not something we own” concept. The shop opened in March 2015 and by April, visitors had increased by 155%. Sales of our original healthy pet foods and snacks have also been successful.


Name Company Position
Masakazu Fuchigami Odakyu Agency inc. Creative Director
Tomohiro Suwa Odakyu Agency inc. Producer
Daigo Daikoku Nippon Design Center,Inc. Art Director / Designer
Mayumi Sano Nippon Design Center,Inc. Designer
Ryoko Kawahara Nippon Design Center,Inc. Copywriter
Fumi Koike Illustrator
Shuhei Tonami Photographer
Yasuaki Mio Karappo Inc. Web Designer
Tatsuki Suzuki Nippon Design Center,Inc. Producer
Sho Takita Odakyu Agency inc. Assistant