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Entrant Company ODAKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency ODAKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company NIPPON DESIGN CENTER Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Mt. Oyama was once close to the Japanese people's heart. We want to revive those warm bonds, sharpen people’s image of Mt. Oyama, and resume its place as one of Japan's unique tourist attractions.

The Brief

Mt. Oyama was long revered by the Japanese people and received more than 200,000 visitors annually from Edo (Tokyo) when the city's population was a mere million citizens. The mountain's popularity, however, waned over the centuries. The Odakyu Electric Railway group, which provides transport to Mt. Oyama via railway, bus and cable car, is campaigning to promote Mt. Oyama as a Kanagawa Prefecture tourist attraction ranking alongside Hakone, Enoshima and Kamakura.

How the final design was conceived

We are spreading the story of Mt. Oyama's unique history, nature and culture. The area is full of attractions unavailable anywhere else. Mountain climbing and scenic views of its greenery and autumn leaves are only part of what it has to offer. We are differentiating Mt. Oyama from other high-class tourist sites by conveying its distinctive and vibrant culture — a message that will reverberate 50 or 100 years down the road. Spinning tops and tofu are local specialties of the Mt. Oyama area, and their symbolic depiction effectively communicates the area's unique culture. Ukiyo-e woodblock prints that portray Mt. Oyama and local lifestyles in the Edo Period further convey the history, customs and culture of Oyama. “Our ancestors visited Mt. Oyama.” We believe this message can revive the close bonds that Japanese people felt toward Mt. Oyama.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

People’s image of Mt. Oyama has already started changing since we first began communicating its impressive history and culture. Sales of Mt. Oyama Free Pass (Ticket A) increased 5.6 % over the previous year and 10,000 copies of a 44-page campaign booklet were accepted by passersby at two Tokyo train stations in two weeks. An exhibition of colorful Ukiyo-e woodblock prints depicting Mt. Oyama recently attracted many visitors to the area. Close bonds with Mt. Oyama, among tourists and locals alike, appear to be deepening by the day.


Name Company Position
Masakazu Fuchigami Odakyu Agency inc. Creative Director
Tomohiro Suwa Odakyu Agency inc. Producer
Daigo Daikoku Nippon Design Center,Inc. Art Director / Designer
Yuto Kanke Nippon Design Center,Inc. Designer
Norimitsu Korekata Nippon Design Center,Inc. Copywriter
Shuhei Tonami Photographer
Masaya Sugawara Nippon Design Center,Inc. Web Design
Tatsuki Suzuki Nippon Design Center,Inc. Producer
Sho Takita Odakyu Agency inc. Assistant