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CategoryB08. Digital Design
Entrant Company M&C SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency M&C SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company TOBY AND PETE Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Ben Welsh M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Tristan Cornelius M&C Saatchi Art Director
Claire Stapleton M&C Saatchi Copywriter
Sharon Lewis M&C Saatchi Executive Producer
Matthew Roberts M&C Saatchi Senior Digital Producer
Fabio D'aguanno M&C Saatchi Digital Design Director
Chi Yusuf M&C Saatchi Senior Digital Designer
Roger Chapman M&C Saatchi Head of Technology
Ben Patterson M&C Saatchi Senior Engineer
Ticiana Andrade M&C Saatchi Software Engineer
Stuart O'Connell M&C Saatchi Senior Software Engineer
Lucy Billington M&C Saatchi Business Development Manager
Georgia Nass M&C Saatchi Senior Account Manager
Nikki Marsh M&C Saatchi Producer

Brief Explanation

Problem. With minimal brand awareness and an ageing supporter base, the (ACRF) Australian Cancer Research Foundation's ongoing challenge is to stand out in this sea of charities and ultimately break into the select few who receive ongoing support. Audience. While it's clear that Australian's in general prefer to stay loyal to a select few charities, younger Australian's were found to be more 'promiscuous' in their charity support. This presents ACRF with an opportunity to recruit them as supporters but with so many charities vying for their attention, we would need to engage them in the right way.

The Brief

Background. Since its inception in 1984, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) has provided more than $100 million for cancer research, supporting major breakthroughs such as the early development of the cervical cancer vaccine. Mission. 1 in 3 Australians are touched by cancer. ACRF's mission is to make cancer and the heartache it brings obsolete through the discoveries of preventions, diagnoses and treatments. And in so, make themselves obsolete.

How the final design was conceived

Idea. While most charities want your money. We just want your face. Knowing that with your support and commitment we could talk to you about donating later. Meet The One Who Will End Cancer – the live, evolving face of a nation joining together to support cancer research. A site created to end cancer. Anyone could join 'The One' thanks to streamlined navigation, intuitive design and clever technology. Built with webGL and HTML5 technologies within the browser, the site captures your face and seamlessly morphs it into 'The One' in real-time. The automatic creation of a bespoke message, image and URL, gave supporters their own personalised social asset to share publicly on their social network to show their support for the Foundation. Crafting The One. The backbone of this campaign is the hero face of The One Who Ends Cancer. This was created using a triangulated random noise field effect. Once we created this asset we then used it as a masking device to determine which face was visible and in what area. This gave us the starting point and a somewhat random result, from here were able to tweak settings until we produced the look and feel we were after.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Results so far. The ultimate success metric for this campaign will be improvements in aided and unaided brand awareness – particularly amongst younger Australians. For a charity such as ACRF, this brand tracking is done on a bi-annual basis meaning that results since this campaign went live are not yet available. What we know in just one month since launch: • The One Who Ends Cancer has reach millions around the world and over 1.7 million Australians online. • Resulting in 1 in 6 unique visitors to The One, adding their face and details.