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Brief Explanation

For the next 100 years, we were proposed of business plans of the 50 anniversary of value to the client. 1: As a company that manufactures perfect circle ring gears, we express the beauty of perfect circle products. 2: Match the ratio of the circle of the Japanese flag with the circle of product pictures.   Also, with a spatial composure that emphasizes white space and a basic tone of black ink, we express a dignified, Japanese world view. 3: “Beauty of Harmony” comes into view through the visualization in combination,beauty of technology,products, and spirit.

The Brief

Benda-Kogyo is Founded in 1964, Kure-City Hiroshima Japan. Last year 2014,the 50th anniversary. Achieved the top share in the global market in automobile ring gear. A growing global company with business locations in Korea, China, and Thailand, with emphasis placed on emotional ties with employees of the overseas group companies.“50 year anniversary – Ring and Link” Benda-Kogyo was founded with a passionate professional spirit that said,“We’ll bend the world’s iron.” They’ve reached the global top share for perfect circle ring gears. Over 50 years, They have been supported by many “links,” .

How the final design was conceived

From the beginning , the client consulted us the creation of 50-year history anniversary book. We have proposed the business plans of 50th anniversary for the clients making foundation for the next 100 years. The purpose of the business plans of the 50th anniversary is strengthen sense of unity with the overseas group company more better, and strengthen of the inner branding. So we proposed that we should introduce employees as a professional craftsman to be respected, it is possible to increase the motivation of employees all over the world. Therefore, I proposed shooting of the beautiful appearance of professional craftsmen by creativity photographer.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Increases the pride of the client's employees, and was growing ties with overseas Group companies in Japan, Korea,China,and Thailand . “Beauty of Harmony” In our 50 year anniversary ceremony, we were able to convey our appreciation, as well as the origin of our 50 year history, to many people. Also, we were able to increase our brand value as many people felt the beauty of harmony woven by the beauty of technology, beauty of products, and beauty of spirit given off by the Benda Group. “One spirit…” We were able to rise the pride and further strengthen the bonds of Benda Group employees working in each location in Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand. We also conveyed the Benda Spirit to our clients.


Name Company Position
Hiroyuki Nagasawa  Toppan Printing Co.,LTD.  Creative Director
Kazuto Nakamura  PENGUIN GRAPHICS  Art Director,Designer 
Keiichi Moto  Life Market Co., Ltd. Photographer
Toshiyuki Nakao  Life Market Co., Ltd. Photographer
Tomiko Nakamura  PENGUIN GRAPHICS  Copywriter