Product / ServiceHMV
CategoryA01. 360 Brand & Identity Experience
Entrant Company McCANN & SPENCER Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Advertising Agency McCANN & SPENCER Hong Kong, HONG KONG

Brief Explanation

HMV was being reborn in Hong Kong as HMVideal in Aug 2014. With the opening of its new store in Hong Kong, it was bringing the real music culture back to the local music lovers. To celebrate, the agency was briefed to create an integrated campaign that will gave the city something sensory, something to savour, and something to symbolize the rebirth of music.

The Brief

Music used to be something you felt, smelled, and saw. But ever since the advancement of digital technology and internet, music has become just a file to listen to. The days of real music sensations died when HMV died.

How the final design was conceived

Partnering with a local farm, CHUN HING FARM, we treated a range of hens to a two-month HMVideal musical diet of either John Lennon, Lady Gaga or The Rolling Stones. Each artist cranked up the average volume of the hens’ eggs by an average 25%. Each song HMVidealized an average 500 eggs, making a total of 18,000 eggs for the opening event. To promote our eggs, we took a simple touch technology and applied it to egg music posters. Then, we scrambled our best eggheads and cooked up a novel live music performance at the grand opening of HMV store with a Makey-Makey, a laptop, our eggs and the sense of touch. Afterwards we let our music-hungry crowd sample our delicious eggs for themselves.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

HMVidealized eggs. A stimulation of sight, sound, taste and touch wrapped up in music old and new. The music actually cranked up the average volume of the hens’ eggs by 25%, and our tasty product literally flew off the shelves. The eggs significantly increased the number of visitors coming to our opening event. Our musical egg posters became a smash on the street and even more popular on the MTR train system, when we let commuters get their hands on them, transforming their daily travels from humdrum to bass and drum. Our live musical egg performance gained thousands of free media impressions.


Name Company Position
Spencer Wong McCann & Spencer Creative Chairman
Paul Swee McCann & Spencer Executive Creative Director
James Reeves, Philip Lee McCann & Spencer Group Creative Director
Michael Li McCann & Spencer Creative Director
James Reeves, Shawni Cheung, Stephanie Chan McCann & Spencer Copywriter
Michael Li, Anson Cheng, Edmond Leung McCann & Spencer Art Director
Philip Tsang, Connie Lo, Miranda Cheung McCann & Spencer Account Service