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Brief Explanation

Qantas Frequent Flyer identified a section of their members, who rarely flew or earned Qantas Points, and weren’t engaged with earning points across the breadth of the program. Our research lead to the insight that in order to build and retain loyalty, Qantas needed to communicate the earn potential that these members had within their everyday spending, build the value in the Qantas Point and drive an emotional connection to their brand and rewards Our brief was to re-engage these members to re-activate their points earning behaviour with purpose and get these members actively involved in the program.

The Brief

Qantas Loyalty runs one of the country’s largest and most successful loyalty programs, Qantas Frequent Flyer (QFF). The program has 11 million+ members and an array of ways to earn points with Qantas and partners that can be redeemed in a multitude of ways from flights and upgrades to over 3,000 products from the Qantas Store.

How the final design was conceived

We ran lean customer research and customer experience sessions, coupled with statistics and research provided by Qantas, in order to best understand our audience’s mindset. This uncovered the insight that Qantas needed to communicate the earn potential that these members had within their everyday spending and build the value in the Qantas Point. From this insight we conceived the ‘Qantas Points Destination’ site. The ambitious task of getting users to value their points emotionally, required a seamless and engaging experience that allowed users to learn and be inspired enough to want to work towards an aspirational holiday destination. The production process borrowed elements from Agile Methodologies, Lean UX and Design Thinking. These facilitated extensive stakeholder engagement and cross-agency collaboration to create a communications and channel plan framework, explore creative territories, business KPIs, personas and potential consumer interaction states. We took a mobile-first approach to create an experience that was easy to engage with, regardless of the device or context being used to complete it. Clickable medium-fidelity prototypes were created to validate and perfect user flows for informed design decision-making.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The campaign achieved its objective of creating an emotional connection between members and their points – fuelled by strong owned and earned support. • 45% member conversion • Almost 40% of goals achieved in the first 24 hours • More than 10% of members have achieved their goal • Exceeded goals objective by 28% • 99% of conversions from owned and earned media The business impact was so big, it’s now part of Qantas’ business as usual marketing activity.


Name Company Position
Justin Hind WiTH Collective Co-Founder and CEO
Hally Lara WiTH Collective General Manager and Senior Strategist
Paul Kelly WiTH Collective Head of Design and UX
Som Meaden WiTH Collective Head of Development
Adam Parsons WiTH Collective Account Director
Bonnie Ryan WiTH Collective Senior Project Manager
Brett Walsh WiTH Collective Senior Designer
Drew Kenelly WiTH Collective Web Developer
Josh Russell WiTH Collective Senior Front-end Developer
Kristie Beattie WiTH Collective Account Manager
Rich Brophy WiTH Collective Copywriter
Laura Glendinning WiTH Collective Account Manager
Jason West WiTH Collective Creative Services Manager
Martin Nicholls WiTH Collective Copywriter
Ryan Barker WiTH Collective Front-end Developer
Indrek Paas WiTH Collective Front-end Developer
Tarah Solijan WiTH Collective Front-end Developer