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Brief Explanation

Genea are known for IVF but wanted to be associated more closely with holistic fertility. The fertility levels of Australians are under pressure from lifestyle and career choices. It’s an intimate and personal topic that is hard to talk about. Their brief was to create a campaign that reached a broader target, and helped them own the conversation around fertility during Australian Fertility Awareness Week and re-position Genea from an IVF specialist to a trusted expert in the field of fertility. The main challenge was engaging people and getting them to open up on such a serious and personal topic.

The Brief

Genea was one of the original companies to make IVF available to Australians. They have evolved from IVF pioneers to leaders in the field of fertility, with their scientists and clinicians regularly making world leading breakthroughs in fertility technology and treatment. This evolution in their expertise is well known within the medical profession but they wanted to communicate this to the public, in particular to their traditional target of women in their mid-late 30’s. They identified Australian Fertility Awareness Week as an opportunity to talk to younger Australians, and to re-position Genea as a trusted authority in holistic fertility.

How the final design was conceived

The production process borrowed elements from Agile Methodologies, Lean UX and Design Thinking. Extensive stakeholder engagement and cross agency collaboration helped create a communications and channel plan framework, explore creative territories and potential consumer interaction states. We ran lean customer research and customer experience sessions, coupled with statistics and research provided by Genea to best understand our audience. This uncovered the insight that there was much confusion amongst the general public around factors that contribute to fertility health. This insight led to the idea: The Australian Fertility Census. To get users to share their intimate information required a trustworthy and seamless user experience that allowed users to learn, have fun and feel comfortable starting a conversation around fertility health issues. To do this we took a mobile first approach to create an experience that was easy to engage with, regardless of the device or context being used to complete it. Clickable medium-fidelity prototypes were created to validate and perfect user flows for informed design decision-making. We used A/B testing to validate variation within design options to improve user engagement. Close tracking of the sites performance enabled us to enhance the experience further for a more user friendly and seamless experience.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

With the objective being to create compelling conversations around fertility during Australian Fertility Awareness Week, this was VERY different from any normal census. A fun intro video, playful design and fun copy encouraged people to share intimate, personal information. Along with more serious questions relating to family fertility issues we asked things like ‘Does it takes oysters, a date night or a fantasy about Chris Hemsworth or Angelina Jolie to set the mood for love?” This playful, engaging content was shared and amplified through social, giving people permission to talk about fertility in a open, yet fun way. And as the facilitator of that conversation, Genea were able to reach a new target audience and engage Australians on a much bigger scale than had been possible. Of the primary objectives, we beat the: Client’s KPI’s by 277%. Genea database target by 173% The census had… A 78.5% completion rate 3,772 surveys started 29% eCRM opt-­in rate 34% social share rate 34% increase in social share advocacy Resulting in 30% share of voice during Fertility Awareness Week. We lead the conversation… PR on The Today Show, ABC Radio, Women’s Weekly, MX News. Over 1 million people experienced the campaign.


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Justin Hind WiTH Collective Co-Founder and CEO
Hally Lara WiTH Collective General Manager and Senior Strategist
Paul Kelly WiTH Collective Head of Design
Som Meaden WiTH Collective Head of Development
Adam Parsons WiTH Collective Account Director
Brett Walsh WiTH Collective Senior Designer
Drew Kenelly WiTH Collective Web Developer
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David Lucas WiTH Collective Senior Copywriter
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Jason West WiTH Collective Creative Services Manager
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