Product / ServiceDENTSU PLUS
CategoryB05. Self Promotion
Entrant Company DENTSU PLUS Bangkok, THAILAND
Advertising Agency DENTSU PLUS Bangkok, THAILAND
Production Company FIN AD ASIA Bangkok, THAILAND

Brief Explanation

We want to engage our existing and prospective clients with our creativity in the New Year greetings by inviting them to make merit together with us.

The Brief

Dentsu plus is one of the leading advertising agency in Thailand. We want to emphasize on our creativity and good relationship with our clients so we decide to use The New Year opportunity to do something as a creative showcase and impress our existing and prospective clients at the same time.

How the final design was conceived

At the beginning of New Year, Thai people believe that merit making will bring good things to life for the whole year and people who join in merit making together will gain mutual happiness and prosperity as well as staying together forever… This New Year Dentsu Plus would like our clients to join us in merit making by giving a kind of New Year Gift that opens up a chance for us and our clients to make merits together. It is our tradition to give New Year gifts to clients. But this year, we designed a special gift box for them. When clients took off the gifts, the gift box could be flipped over to be a new gift box. This new gift box invited our clients to join in the merit making for the Foundation for Slum Child Care by loading up gifts for needy children before returning their boxes to us.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Every client was willing to join this merit making project. We got all the new full gift boxes back plus many more gifts which could not fit in the box. On February 20, 2015 we brought all gift boxes as well as other donated materials to those needy children at the Foundation for Slum Child Care. That day all children and foundation officials are so happy with so many gifts. Same as us and our clients, we are so happy that we can do good things together at this beginning of New Year.


Name Company Position
Subun Khow Dentsu Plus Chief Creative Officer
Subun Khow Dentsu Plus Copywriter
Priebduan Chotimanukul Dentsu Plus Head Of Graphic Designer
Chuesai Suvarnapunya Dentsu Plus Senior Graphic Designer
Kamon Ploydang Dentsu Plus Senior Graphic Designer
Eakkasit Singkok Dentsu Plus Graphic Designer
Monthicha Darawankul Dentsu Plus Graphic Designer
Dutchanee Narkapong Dentsu Plus Producer
Kosil Thongsuk Fin Ad Asia Director
Konlawat Chintanasathien Fin Ad Asia Editor
Nitcha Kitimanan Fin Ad Asia Producer
Phinyapat Chudamata Fin Ad Asia Production manager
Chotinun Threerathummarak Fin Ad Asia Music composer