Product / ServiceSAMSUNG GALAXY V
CategoryB06. Promotional Items
Entrant Company LEO BURNETT VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Advertising Agency LEO BURNETT VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


Specially designed Mobile Phone cases become a hit on the market and strongly supporting the Galaxy V model. The 10 000 cases we initially produced ‘flew out’’ from the stores in the first week of the campaign, forcing us to produce an additional 100 000 units that lasted in the stores for the next month. Sales targets of the Galaxy V model was overachieved. Popularity of the cases was proven with hundreds of queries at Social Media, where youth were looking for the stores where mobile cases were available with the purchase of the phone. Through Social Media monitoring we noticed fans sharing our designs and copies of the ‘V is for Vietnam’ as their Facebook Status updates, proving their strong emotional connection to the brand and the campaign. At the in-store level the Cases Collection helped us to win against the ‘Colorful’ Nokias. As per the qualitative feedback from the Sales teams, the cases were the great tool to talk to youth, they were strongly attracted by this medium and they simply ‘loved the designs’.

How the final design was conceived

Young Vietnamese are very proud of their nationality, they like to express their love for the country and to celebrate all Vietnamese achievements. With customized gadgets they like to express their personality and passions. To launch the Samsung Galaxy V model we developed the campaign ‘V is for Vietnam’. The integrated campaign was launched on September 2nd 2014 (Vietnam Independence Day) and included a music song (collaboration of 20 Vietnamese artists), an inspiring TVC, Digital Self-V engagement, activation and POSM. Critical to the campaign’s success was the specially developed collection of mobile phone back covers. We designed 10 illustrations on the mobile cases representing modern and ‘young’ Vietnam so as to strengthen the campaign message ‘V is for Vietnam’. The following lifestyle messages were created under the ‘V is for Vietnam’: Vẻ Vang - Glorious; Vô Tư - Innocent; Vun Vút - Dynamic; Vương Vấn - Romantic; Vui Ca - Singing joyfully ; Vui vẻ - Joyful; Vươn lên - Rising up; Vi vu - Exploring; Vang dội - Rocking.


Name Company Position
Paolo Garcia Leo Burnett/ M&T (BCC) Digital Creative Director
Alok Bhute Leo Burnett/ M&T (BCC) Strategic Planner
Kate Bayona-Garcia Leo Burnett/ M&T (BCC) Head of Digital and Innovations
Phuong Ngo Leo Burnett/ M&T (BCC) Digital Design Lead / UX Designer
Turine Tran Leo Burnett/ M&T (BCC) Art Director
Chau Tran Leo Burnett/ M&T (BCC) Graphic Designer