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Entrant Company CHEIL WORLDWIDE Gurgaon, INDIA
Advertising Agency CHEIL WORLDWIDE Gurgaon, INDIA

Brief Explanation

Samsung Refrigerators come with the revolutionary Twin Cooling Technology which ensures there's no mixing of ordours in the refrigerator. The refrigerators use a separate evaporator and fan for each fridge and freezer compartment. This allows them to completely seal each area off from the other which will eliminate odor transfers. Samsung wanted us to make sure people were aware of the feature and its benefits, and thus they asked us to communicate the same in a simple yet impactful manner.

The Brief

Samsung a household name in consumer durables, is the market leader in India in multiple product categories which also includes Refrigerators. The company stands for excellence and innovation in both their products and services while maintaining integrity in the work culture. Targeted towards the modern urban family, the Samsung Refrigerators come with the revolutionary Twin Cooling System which ensures there's no mixing of ordours in the refrigerator.

How the final design was conceived

Our task was to inform people about the revolutionary Twin Cooling Technology, so we decided to do a set of in-store posters that highlighted the benefits of Twin Cooling Technology in a different way. The posters were stuck on the refrigerator doors and in and around the refrigerators at Samsung showrooms. The illustrated biological drawing look was designed to attract immediate attention.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The posters not only made sure sales and enquiries about the product went up dramatically, but also many a last minute decisions swung in favour of Samsung Refrigerators with the Twin Cooling Technology.


Name Company Position
Nima DT Namchu CHEIL WORLDWIDE Chief Creative Officer
Somenath Chakraborty CHEIL WORLDWIDE Group Creative Director
Krishnan Damodaran CHEIL WORLDWIDE Senior Creative Director
Nitin Kushwaha SIYAHI STUDIO Illustrator
Prantik Dutta CHEIL WORLDWIDE Production Manager