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Product / ServiceHIBIKI
CategoryB01. Posters
Entrant Company HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company WONDERACTIVE Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 TIDE INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Hideo Kato Suntory Business Expert Limited Creative Director
Kiyoshi Omori SUN-AD Company Limited Creative Director
Tomoshi Saida HAKUHODO inc. Creative Director
Shizuka Masuno Suntory Business Expert Limited Creative Producer
Ayaka Taniguchi Suntory Business Expert Limited Creative Producer
Tatsuki Ikezawa HAKUHODO inc. Art Director
Koji Nozawa HAKUHODO inc. Copywriter
Akihiro Takeda HAKUHODO inc. Account Executive
Tetsuro Jozaki TIDE INC. Designer
Syuichiro Suzuki TIDE INC. Designer
Keiichiro Kodera TIDE INC. Designer
Riku Sakamoto WONDERACTIVE Producer
SHOEI INC. Paper Craft
Takashi Suzuki Photographer
Masahiko Furuta RIZING inc. Photo Retouch
Emi Toriumi RIZING inc. Photo Retouch
Aya Kusumi Photo Retouch
Comnet Co., Ltd. Paper Craft
Awagami Factory Paper Craft
TAKEO CO., LTD. Paper Craft

Brief Explanation

The most outstanding characteristic of HIBIKI is its absolute harmony created by the varieties of pure whiskies delicately blended together. We expressed this absolute and beautiful harmony of pure whiskies confined in the bottle, using a motif that is called 'Ryusui-mon'. Ryusui-mon is an artistically expressed pattern of flowing water that was developed in ceramic art and traditional craft of Japan. We re-created this pattern,which has appeared in kimonos and screens, on the Japanese traditional washi-paper. It is an advertisement created with the delicate touches unique to Japan,just like HIBIKI can be produced only with the delicacy of this country.

The Brief

HIBIKI – Blended Whisky that Represents Japan The word 'hibiki' means 'harmony' in Japanese. We try to convey the allure of this whisky we can be proud of to the world that is produced by the delicate climate of this country in uniquely Japanese creative expressions.

How the final design was conceived

Japan's most representative blended whisky HIBIKI – it is produced only by the delicacy of this country. We visualized the allure of this whisky we can be proud of to the world, by the motif of Ryusui-mon (flowing water patter), uniquely Japanese. With the detailed graphics and the bar experience, we were successful to convey the unfathomable depth of its sense of beauty.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We held an invitational bar event in a century-old folk house, where people can experience the world of HIBIKI. The guests invited from all over the world indulged in the Japanese sense of beauty regardless of where they were from. By visualizing the brand identity of the product, and having it experienced, we were able to convey the latent allure of HIBIKI to the people of the world.