MH 370

Short List
TitleMH 370
Product / ServiceMALAY MAIL
CategoryB01. Posters
EntrantY&R MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Entrant Company Y&R MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Advertising Agency Y&R MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Brief Explanation

Newspaper readership is declining as more youths are turning to social media for quick news updates. However, news updates on social media lack credible and critical analysis that newspapers give. We need to turn this trend around and encourage youths to get their news from a more trusted source, the Malay Mail.

The Brief

The Malay Mail is one of Malaysia’s leading English daily newspapers. It is also the first daily published in Peninsular Malaysia. With a cover price of RM1 (0.25 Euro), The Malay Mail is Malaysia’s cheapest English daily. The newspaper targets younger readers who are looking for critical analysis of news and current issues.

How the final design was conceived

News updates on social media lack depth, and to demonstrate this, we chose 10 iconic news and turn them into posters that provoke and question people’s perception on them. Each poster is also designed to reflect the impact and power of Malay Mail’s ability to analyse news. To retain the authenticity of a trusted newspaper, we used newspaper ink and traditional offset lithography for every poster we printed. We used this process for its rich colour, fine details and sharp typefaces.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

As the campaign is still in its early stages, sales results are currently being tabulated. However, the campaign gained much interest and debate among youths, which lead to increased brand awareness for the Malay Mail Newspaper.


Name Company Position
Gigi Lee Y&R Malaysia Executive Creative Director
Joshua Tay Y&R Malaysia Creative Director
Goh Siow Werm/How Wei Zhong/Gigi Lee/Joshua Tay Y&R Malaysia Art Director
Wilcox Yap/Edward Ong Y&R Malaysia Copywriter
Goh Siow Werm/How Wei Zhong/Nicole Sue Tan/Wong Jing Wen Y&R Malaysia Designer
Goh Siow Werm/How Wei Zhong/Nicole Sue Tan/Wong Jing Wen Y&R Malaysia Illustrator
Chan Carol/Niu Jia Chyi/Lim Ling Li Y&R Malaysia Illustrator
Goh Siow Werm/How Wei Zhong/Nicole Sue Tan/Wong Jing Wen Y&R Malaysia Typographer
Image Rom Photographer
TL Tan/Irene Yap Y&R Malaysia Art Buyer
Lisa Hezila/Tan Sher Yen Y&R Malaysia Account Supervisor
Peter A. Das Redberry Sdn Bhd Advertiser Supervisor