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Product / ServicePAPER
CategoryB02. Flyers, Tickets, Invitations, Postcards, Calendars, Christmas and other Greetings Cards
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company J2COMPLEX Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

"Popularize Japan Football Association's activities for Asia support" JFA we would like to inform football fans that we have being working on promotion and increase of the value and the popularity of football in Asia. We are also aiming to raise interest in Asian football among football fans from all over the world.

The Brief

Japan Football Association has been contributing in spreading and developing football in Asia through football support to children, but the actual situation was not very much known. As a model association of Asian Football Confederation where 46 countries and areas participated in, we were going to raise their recognition.

How the final design was conceived

We have made a series of Direct mail designs which recreates famous scenes of memorable moments when Japanese national football team scored a goal at international matches. These designs were hugely inspired by a character of football fans who are very enthusiastic about strategies, tactics, and formations for football. The title of this direct mail is "CROSS TALK". An article which JFA vice-president and Ivica Osim (former national coach of Japan) were "crossing" their various opinion about possibility of Asian football in the interview was written inside the direct mail. Designing original warped envelope which is expressing the route of goal by crossing pass from real football match. By the action of unwrapping envelope, the contents will appear to football lovers.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

It is success in that the appearance and specifications of the Direct Mail made most people who received them want to look inside. In addition, a game expressed in a Direct Mail became the beginning of a Conversation and publicized the Japan Football Association to football people as an organization that is world most concerned with football.


Name Company Position
Koji Hirayama Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Kazuhisa Nishimura Dentsu Inc. Copywriter
Yoshinaka Ono Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Yoshinaka Ono Dentsu Inc. Designer
Yuto Nakayama J2 COMPLEX INC. Designer
Ryuto Furukubo Dentsu Inc. Designer
Yuta Sato Amana Inc. Production Manager
Yuki Kawakami acube Photographer
Seiichi Ushigaki DODG Printing Director
Mitsuo Yoshinaka DODG Printing Director