Product / ServiceCAFE, SPA, PLAY
CategoryA01. 360 Brand & Identity Experience
Entrant Company UMBRELLA DESIGN Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency UMBRELLA DESIGN Mumbai, INDIA

Brief Explanation

Millk needed a single visual identity that covered both the branding of the center, and the interiors as well. The challenge was to make it playful and energetic enough for a child, yet relaxing and sophisticated enough for an adult. Two seemingly divergent target group would have to be satisfied with one solution.

The Brief

Millk is a brand new play and leisure centre with a unique offering. It houses services that cater to both children and adults. While the children are busy at the large play gym and attached cafe, the parents were free to relax at a separate cafe, spa and other services that let them unwind. All these offering were housed under a single roof.

How the final design was conceived

The visual identity sprang to life from a single block. A block represents a pixel on a screen, a building block for great things, or just a simple toy in a child’s hands. It can be used to create anything, and can be relevant to children and adults alike. The logo was the first element to be created using blocks, which gave way to a stunning facade made of 13,632 stainless steel plates that looked like blocks. From the stationery to the flooring, every element of Millk’s identity was crafted from these seemingly simple blocks.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The result was a unified visual identity that was at once cohesive and vibrant. Both adults and children have taken to it with gusto. Millk’s interiors have received excellent reviews on online restaurant review sites in India. One reviewer wrote, “It looks awesome. I mean everything about the decor of this place is exemplary. It’s like this fusion of modern meets child.” Needless to say, Millk launched to an amazing reception, and is now one of the most frequented spots in the area.


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