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CategoryC02. Typography
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
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Brief Explanation

With the coming of the 4th anniversary of the tsunami, Kahoku News was concerned with the manner in which much of society seemed to be forgetting about the disaster. In part to prepare people for similar catastrophes in the future, they decided to hold an art exhibition to refresh people’s memories of their own experiences and keep them from forgetting the disaster. And they wanted us to make a poster for it.

The Brief

Kahoku News is a major local newspaper covering the area of North Eastern Japan, where was hit by a terrible tsunami disaster in 2011. Kahoku News covered the disaster in an extra edition newspaper on the day of the tsunami, and was a trusted source of reliable journalism and honest coverage.

How the final design was conceived

In order to attract people's interests toward the exhibition, we focused on the extra edition newspaper of Kahoku News, issued on the day of the tsunami disaster. We took the original data from that edition and made a stencil. And using that, we created series of posters to appeal the fragility of our collective memories by crumbling typography.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The exhibition was covered in 29 newspapers, 97 websites and a nation-wide TV program, garnering around 85,000,000 yen in media exposure. As a result, it became the subject of nation-wide attention and the small urban gallery location was filled with visitors.


Name Company Position
Yoji Sakamoto DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Shunichi Sato DENTSU INC. Art Director
Chie Iyoda TAKI CORPORATION Designer
Sozo Kikuchi DENTSU INC. Executive Producer
Shinichiro Fujimoto DENTSU INC. Associate Producer
Yasue Nakajima DENTSU INC. Agency Producer
Akiko Nagasawa Morphing Co., Ltd. Project Director
Tetsuro Shinoda Morphing Co., Ltd. Project Co-ordinator
Kenichiro Mihara Morphing Co., Ltd. Project Manager
Shinpei Iwazaki digital creative net Cameraman
Naoyuki Ogawa digital creative net Technologist